Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's "Flowering Quince!"

I had asked last time if anyone
knew the name of this
pretty flowering bush
found at the back 
of my property
and heard from several that it is a
Flowering Quince.

One of the people who informed me
was Anna, one of the four siblings
from whom I bought the house.
What a treat to have been able to
meet them all during the closing!
Anna is the only one of the four
who still lives in the same town.
She is following my progress on the house.
Hi Anna!
Hope you'll stop by to see it.

Sheet rock now covers most of the kitchen walls.
Cabinets are ordered.
The open doorway you see
is to the basement.

Remember the downstairs bedroom,
my future workroom?

I started stripping wallpaper from the walls
last Saturday.

I spent a few hours on Monday
finishing the job.
The plaster walls need some repair,
but will be fine.

This is the same room with a view
through the adjoining hallway
into the kitchen.
Please note, the toilet 
is only "visiting" from the hallway bathroom.

The bead board in both bathrooms is starting to go up.
So, although the house is far from finished,
I feel good about the progress thus far.

A friend is running for city alderman
and I was asked to have one of
his signs in my "new" yard.
I already feel like part of the 

Monday, March 6, 2017

I Need a Manicure!

Daisy and I spent the weekend at our new house!

 Not overnights,
just all day Saturday and Sunday.
(She's such a trooper!)

Our mission was to remove some wallpaper.
Hence the sorry state of my nails today.

 This is one of the upstairs bedrooms,
which will become mine.

Tools of the trade.

My method is to first score the wall 
with a razor knife.

Next, I saturate the wall 
with a mixture
of white vinegar and water.

 After about 15 minutes,
once the vinegar and water
 have done their magic,
I began to pull the top layer 
of the paper off the wall.

Underneath the patterned paper
is another layer of paper.
I am not really sure if this layer
is backing for the original paper,
sizing paper,
or a layer of glue.  (???)

At any rate, 
I then saturate it 
with the vinegar/water mixture,
wait until it soaks in and
That layer can be pulled away too.

One finished wall!
Truthfully, I have made this 
appear much easier 
than it really was.
Not all the paper comes away 
in nice long pieces.
Sometimes it's seemingly, 
by the square inch!!!

After about six hours 
of very tedious work...

...the entire room was done!

Sunday, it was onward 
to the second upstairs bedroom.

I do not have a finished pictured 
to show you of this room.
By the time I finished it,
I was too tired to think about pictures!

Other things accomplished this week -
the subway tile is here!
It will be used as a back splash 
in the kitchen,
and as wall surrounds for the tubs.

The "old pantry" has now been 
framed in for the new laundry space.

The kitchen has a new sub floor installed.

The wall around the upstairs tub 
has been replaced.
The wall at the foot of the tub,
next to the window,
was bare brick 
when I arrived Saturday morning.
It has now been covered with sheet rock.

So, things are moving along.
Daisy and I discovered this blooming bush
at the back of the property 
during one of our breaks.
Anyone have any idea what it is?
It is lovely...
as are all the forward steps made 
in the past week!

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