Saturday, November 8, 2014

From All this Disorder...

...will come come order! 

It has been ages since I have posted
because it has been crazy busy around here 
the past couple of weeks.
My life right now is one of total disorder.

And for someone who thrives on order and routine,
it's hard for me to stay focused.
We are one week out from our Holiday Show,
our sixth one!
By this time next week,
all this disorder will have become
a gorgeous boutique for wonderful
hand made fiber items,
and a shopping "event!"

As a matter of fact, 
by this time next week,
our show will be half over,
so let's hope a lot of these things 
will no longer be here!

Borrowed models waiting to be dressed.

Believe it or not,
I started yesterday, 
doing what I call "decluttering,"
which is packing away any and all 
personal and decorative belongings.
Once the merchandise of the other vendors
begins arriving on Monday,
 there will be no space for it.

On another note, the upstairs bathroom
renovation was completed last Friday,
so I'll have a lovely redo to show you 
sometime soon.

Keep us in mind this upcoming week.
And if you are in our area, 
come visit the show!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Summer is Officially Over...

...because the calendar says so.
But, also because we've returned
from our beach vacation.

We spent a week at Hilton Head this year.
This is the view from our back deck
which overlooked a small pond.

One of the things I like about Hilton Head
is that it has so many very natural settings
and you can see so much wildlife.
One afternoon I counted eight turtles
of fairly good size.

Making eye contact with the turtles.
I swear, they would actually look at my face!

The property where we stayed was a bike ride from the beach.

The nice thing about a beach trip in September,
is the lack of crowds.

Very "Summer of '42."

This is the Lighthouse at Hilton Head,
a local landmark, but not really a
totally functioning lighthouse.

This is a favorite spot to visit when at Hilton Head,
The Greenery.
It's actually a gardening center
but has a first rate antique and gift shop on the grounds.

The staff was busily preparing displays for fall.

"Bistro 843" where we had a lovely lunch one day.

We happened upon some one's creative sand art

one evening during a walk on the beach.

Goodbye beach condo,
goodbye summer.

Home again to a full blown remodel of the upstairs bathroom.
We discovered Nancy's tub had started leaking when
spots began appearing on my bedroom ceiling below. 
The demo took place while we were away.
I'm trying to keep those serene beach scenes
in my head as I listen to the hammering, sawing, drilling
and constant coming and going of the construction crew.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another Neighborhood Yard Sale Done!

Quite a sight, right?
Where's our pretty porch???

Generally, we set up our yard sale on the driveway
and while Nancy is busy selling all day Friday,
I am setting up the Bistro on the Porch for 
all day Saturday.

This year the weather predictions were dire,
with severe thunderstorms expected for Friday.

So, we set up and sold on the porch on Friday.

We also offered a small selection of goodies
and reminded everyone of what was to come
on Saturday.

This time the weatherman was right on point
and we had a terrific thunderstorm in the afternoon.
We were SO glad we were on the porch and not 
out on the driveway.

Talk about making lemonade 
when you have lemons...
We are experts.
We rested and caught our breath 
during the storms.
Once they were over, 
everything dried up quickly
and we moved everything out to the driveway.

We actually had a bit of a surge
 of shoppers Friday evening
and Nancy continued to sell,
while I prepared the porch
for Saturday's Bistro.

Here are some of our goodies
waiting on the kitchen table to be moved
onto the porch Saturday morning.

Saturday morning arrived with no rain in sight!

And we were ready with good food
and freshly brewed coffee!

While Nancy continued selling on the driveway,
I was waiting for our "guests" on the porch.

The weekend was a great success!

Two of our happy and satisfied customers.

This event is always fun to do,
but the amount of work and effort
Nancy and I put into it 
makes us quite happy it only
occurs once a year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

On My Needles Today...

It's been a very busy week here.
We made it through the yard sale and Bistro
last weekend.
I'll tell you all about it on Saturday.
Since then I have felt exhausted and
have been very happy to spend 
a little time getting back into my zen 
with a little knitting!
Today I am working on a scarf
from FUSION, color way "Rain Forest."
I love these colors and
they are putting me in the mood for Fall!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Countdown Has Begun...

All through the house, basement and back porch
are piles of "stuff."
Nanniepannie and I 
are in the midst of getting ready for the annual
Tree Street Neighborhood Yard Sale!

This is a BIG event!
It is an established event and many
people in the region make a special effort to get here,
and get here early,
in order to snag some real bargains.
Each year this event brings thousands of 
people into our neighborhood.

So, not only is it a great shopping adventure,
it is an excellent way to clean up
and get rid of things we no longer need or want.
I have even cleaned out my fabric stash
and will be measuring and pricing it today.
We are one week out.
By this time next week,
we should be the owners of a
lot less stuff!
Our rule is that once an item is taken outside
for the yard sale
it cannot be brought back into the house.
Happily there are several local charities
who make the rounds after the sale
and will take away anything you want to donate.

I have also been baking and freezing for several weeks
in preparation for our
Each year for one day
I get to satisfy my fantasy of having a 
tearoom, bistro, cafe, whatever.
We set up on the front porch
and offer a lovely little retreat for the 
weary and hungry yard sale shopper!
Thus far I have stocked away
Heath Bar Brownies (6 pans)
Mounds Cookies (6 dozen)
Zucchini Bread (8 loaves)
Cinnamon Cake (2)
Lemon Loaf Cake (4)
Pineapple Muffins w/Coconut Drizzle
Applesauce Muffins w/Cinnamon Sugar
(I've lost count on the muffins.)
The 80 chicken salad sandwiches I always make
will need to be made just before the sale.

The preparation continues...

Last year's event.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

On My Needles Today...Not...or The Coat is Finished!

It's been a bit of a journey,
but my knitted coat is finished!
I love the color way and am calling it
It has subtle shades of
aqua, sea foam and lavender.

The sleeves, which should be
a simple component,
gave me some challenges.
I started with the stockinette stitch 
you see above,
but decided I did not really like the look.
I then changed to the 
"Mistake Rib"
pattern I used on the opening
and sides.
After knitting almost half a sleeve
I decided I didn't really like the
way it was looking either. 
So, I changed to a larger needle and
worked them in stockinette stitch (again).

I found the perfect buttons at a lovely yarn shop in
Blowing Rock, NC
during a recent road trip with my
knitting buddies, called

There are slits at the bottom of both sides.

I never finish a project like this without thinking,
"If I ever knit another one of these I will..."
There are some slight changes 
I would probably make,
but over all, I'm very pleased with
the final results.

So...what IS on my needles today?

I am in the process of binding off a FUSION scarf in
shades of teal.
I plan to make a slouchy hat to match.

Happy knitting!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Caprese Garlic Bread

I haven't made bruschetta all summer long.
The reason is because of the
above recipe on Pinterest.

I used to post my cooking endeavors  
fairly regularly on my blog.
But since becoming an avid "pinner" 
I see there are so many bloggers out there
doing it SO much better than me.
(Believe me I know my photography limitations!)
So, I think I'd rather
try their recipes and link 
you up with them when I find a real winner.

THIS is the BEST recipe I have yet
discovered on Pinterest.
and it is for
Caprese Garlic Bread

In addition to replacing your favorite bruschetta recipe
it's also a great replacement for take-out pizza.
What I think sets this recipe apart is a 
spread of garlic butter on the bread
and a finishing drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
The only change I have made is I am
no longer reducing the vinegar
as the original recipe instructs.
Instead I have purchased a mister
and am misting the balsamic vinegar on at the end.

With tomatoes in season
and basil plentiful in the garden,
there is NO reason not to give this a try!

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