Monday, August 19, 2019

Violet Love

I have grown violets most 
of my adult life.
My first violets
were from my Grandmother
many years ago.
I like to think that
perhaps some of the ones
I have today are
offspring's of those first ones from her.

Through the years
I have had good luck with violets
and they always bloomed beautifully
for me.
Then, I moved into my current house
a couple of years ago.
Evidently they were not happy with
the move.
Violets that had been outstanding
at my previous house,
suddenly decided they
were merely green houseplants.

For almost a year I did not have
a single blooming violet.

So I started giving them regular doses of 
a bloom booster
and I gave them more light.
Although my house is quite bright
they wanted a more direct light.

The window in my kitchen is western exposure
and in the dining room I have the morning light.
Between these two windows
I started to rotate all my violets regularly.

And guess what?
Last spring they started blooming
once again
and have not stopped since.
I do have the occasional pot 
with no blooms.
But after a few days in one of the
"violet" windows
they reward me beautifully.

Here are some other tips that work for me
to keep violets happy and healthy -

-good drainage is essential
-water from below
-let them dry out between watering
-they like to be root bound,
so keep their pots small.

Baby them a bit 
and they will reward you
with blooms
year around!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I love looking at your violets! They remind me of my Grandma Fields. She loved African violets, and she had so many--probably well over 50! She definitely had a green thumb and could grow anything, but the violets were her favorite. She grew her own starts and bought any new variety that she came across. She always told me that it would be easy for me to grow them. Alas, I did not inherit her green thumb. I have tried multiple times (hope keeps springing!), yet my plants all die. Seeing your blooms makes me want to try again. Thank you for sharing!

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