Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happiness is...

...a living room full of kitchen appliances!

That's what greeted me yesterday 
when I opened the front door!
It means we're getting closer
to the finish line
with the kitchen!

And speaking of the kitchen,
the cabinets started getting installed yesterday!

This has the makings of a fine
little cottage kitchen!

Do you see my vision???

And look what is in full bloom 

in my "new" garden.
Life is indeed good!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Checker Board Floors

I have always loved the look of 
black and white
checkerboard floors.
Finally, I am going to have them!
The floor went down in my
new kitchen (to be)
last week.

I am using the same floor
in both bathrooms as well.
Here's a peak at the 
downstairs bathroom...

...and the upstairs bath.

The two bathrooms are nearing the finish line.
There's a little grouting of the tile left, 
placement of the sinks and toilets,
and installation of the light fixtures.

Sadly the two mirrors I had intended to use
are both too large for my tiny bathrooms.
Oh well, they're out there.
I just have to find them and bring them home!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saying Farewell to Buttermilk Cottage

I have certainly known this day was coming.
I have been working toward it for
quite a while.
But still...

...the day this sign
appeared in the yard
was a bittersweet one.
I have a fantastic real estate team,
Linda and Ginger,
(who also found my 
little Cape Cod for me)
pulling out all the stops.
Their photographer took some
tremendous photos 
for the house's listing.
So, as a last homage
to this wonderful house,
I'm sharing them with you.

And, guess what...
We have a pending sale
after one day on the market!
So, this house won't 
spend a single day
not being loved.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

View from My Window Today

Lovely Spring!
The yard is untidy,
but I had to share this
beautiful blooming crab apple tree
just outside my workroom window.

This picture doesn't do it justice,
but a cherry tree is just outside 
a second window, in full bloom.
It's a bit hard to get
work done when this is the view!

My great little "knitted" bowl --
a gift from my sister a couple
of years ago.

I selected a gorgeous piece of granite 
for my new kitchen this week.
It's very much going to be a simple, cottage kitchen --
white cabinets, black counter top,
black and white checkerboard floor.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Renovations Continue!

Major accomplishment today!

This was the last of the wallpaper.
(This is a downstairs hallway from
my future workroom to the kitchen.)

As of today,
it is now all gone!

The subway tile in the downstair bathroom
began going in last week.

This is what it looks like today!

The bead board is complete in this 
bathroom as well.

This is the upstairs bathroom.
The plaster walls were in such 
bad shape,
it was decided to use 
the bead board floor to ceiling.

Note the new wall at the head of the tub,
added to incorporate a shower.
I am keeping both original tubs.

My contractor informed me this afternoon
that the kitchen cabinets and 
the kitchen/bathroom floor has arrived.
Tomorrow I will be selecting
granite or quartz for the kitchen counter tops
and some lighting fixtures.
One step at a time...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's "Flowering Quince!"

I had asked last time if anyone
knew the name of this
pretty flowering bush
found at the back 
of my property
and heard from several that it is a
Flowering Quince.

One of the people who informed me
was Anna, one of the four siblings
from whom I bought the house.
What a treat to have been able to
meet them all during the closing!
Anna is the only one of the four
who still lives in the same town.
She is following my progress on the house.
Hi Anna!
Hope you'll stop by to see it.

Sheet rock now covers most of the kitchen walls.
Cabinets are ordered.
The open doorway you see
is to the basement.

Remember the downstairs bedroom,
my future workroom?

I started stripping wallpaper from the walls
last Saturday.

I spent a few hours on Monday
finishing the job.
The plaster walls need some repair,
but will be fine.

This is the same room with a view
through the adjoining hallway
into the kitchen.
Please note, the toilet 
is only "visiting" from the hallway bathroom.

The bead board in both bathrooms is starting to go up.
So, although the house is far from finished,
I feel good about the progress thus far.

A friend is running for city alderman
and I was asked to have one of
his signs in my "new" yard.
I already feel like part of the 

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