Thursday, November 23, 2017

An Untraditional Thanksgiving 2017

Times change.
Life changes.
The trick is to not get stuck in the past,
but rather move on and change too.
First, let me tell you 
I AM a traditionalist.
I don't particularly like change.
I pretty much cook the same
holiday meals every year.
I decorate with the same 
accessories over and over.
I might be accused of being stuck
in a rut.
BUT, not this year.
This year's Thanksgiving has been
anything but my traditional one.
You may remember my best friend/sister Nancy
has moved away to be a caretaker to our Mother.
So, it was only Kate and me this year.
(SO HAPPY she made it home for the holiday!)
Since Kate would be having a
Thanksgiving dinner with her Dad
later in the day,
I decided this year 
I would not be cooking my traditional 
Thanksgiving dinner.
It seemed so excessive to cook
a huge meal for the two of us
just to send her off to eat 
another huge meal.
So, we did Thanksgiving brunch this year.

I found an interesting crust less quiche recipe in the current
(If you have it, be sure to take note
of their article on Abingdon, Virginia.
It's a neighboring town and a treasure.)

The recipe suggested quiche toppings
of sour cream, chopped tomatoes and green onions.
That cried out for an avocado as well.

We did pull out the holiday dishes.
No point in giving up every tradition!

We both decided the recipe is a "keeper."
My local grocery store does very nice muffins,
so I added store bought pumpkin and cranberry ones.
We filled our plates and ate in front of the TV
watching the end of Macy's parade.
(I'm usually up to my elbows cooking during the parade.)

After brunch, we settled in to watch the final episode
of the current season of
Kate had already seen the whole season,
at least two or three times.
She's a G of T nerd and would not 
be bothered to have me call her that.
I, on the other hand,
have waited for Kate to be home
to watch this season.
Mainly because she would explain all the
finer details to me.
It did not disappoint.

Finally, we finished up with a nice long walk
in my new neighborhood.
We had a lovely, late fall day
and it was great to be outside.
This is my street,
a walker and house lover's delight!

Kate has now traveled on to her Dad's and 
I have the rest of the evening on my own.
Earlier in the week I did make my favorite
(I cannot let every tradition go!)
and will have for dinner
 a turkey sandwich,
with this delicious relish on it.
All in all,
a lovely and relaxed Thanksgiving.
Change is good and I am thankful!

Finally, a quick house update.
This area is at the top of my stairs
and just got finished this week.
I replaced the window with a solid glass one,
knowing I wanted to use a stained glass panel 
which came from my previous house in it.
I'm so pleased with how it looks
at the top of the stairs.
I'm showing it to you now,
rather than waiting until 
I share the rest of the upstairs because
tomorrow the Christmas decorations come out,
and this spot is calling out for
one of my traditional holiday trees.


Laura Lane said...

I find myself longing for the old days. I don't change well. This post helped me. Thank you!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Linda said...

You did ‘change’ well! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving on so many levels!

Lisa Ricardo said...

What a beautiful way to "shake things up a bit" !!! I love this post!!! and that sidewalk does seem to be perfect for an afternoon stroll !!!

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