Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Very Moving Message

This was sent to me this morning by a friend and is such a moving message I wanted to share it.

Please remember to always wear your seatbelt.


Dawn said...

A friend of mine sent that to me a while back - I like it. Thanks for sharing again!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

How beautiful the video, and so very bittersweet the message is. It just takes one thoughtless moment...

d3b...* said...

i love it...*

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks for sharing :)

xoxo Laura

Privet and Holly said...

Thanks for
sharing such
an important
message. My
eldest just
got her driver's
permit and you
don't realize
how much there
is to learn about
safe driving
until you are
trying to import
years and years
of time behind
the wheel. It's
frightening, actually!
Thanks for getting
the message out.
xx Suzanne
PS: My daughter
is learning to
crochet and we've
been to the yarn
store several times
in the last week.
LOVE your gorgeous
project from your
last post!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Thank you for visiting Flora Doora! You
have a beautiful blog! I have become
a follower!

Flora Doora

Anonymous said...

So very true and a beautiful message.

My 22 yr old son's life was saved due to him wearing his seatbelt. Christmas Day 08 he was driving to his girlfriend's house to pick her up and go to church. He hit a patch of black ice and lost control of his car. He did a 360, hit dirt on the opposite side of the road and rolled down a small embankment, the car landed upside down on a large drainage pipe. The one witness who saw all of this burst into tears when she saw my son get out of his car by himself without a single scratch.

Thanks so much for that beautiful video. I hope it will save someone life someday.

blessings, jilly
visiting from cozy little house

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