Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two Books from My Bookshelf

I like Fannie Flagg's books. She's a Southern author and that's never more evident than her newest book, I STILL DREAM ABOUT YOU. It's set in Birmingham, Alabama. I grew up in Alabama, graduated from the University of Montevallo, a half hour's drive from Birmingham, and remember watching Fannie Flagg as the "morning show" girl on the local Birmingham television channel. So, this book brought back a lot of memories. As with other Fannie Flagg books, this one has an assortment of quirky characters, from Maggie, a former Miss Alabama who is suicidal.(YES, it IS a funny book) to the deceased Hazel Whisenknott, a Birmingham real estate magnate, who also happens to be a midget.

It's a fun read.

If you haven't already read this
novel, at least, watch the movie.
Fannie Flagg did the screenplay for it
from her novel.

THE WEIRD SISTERS is a debut novel

by Eleanor Brown.
It's the story of three sisters,
who in their life journeys of leaving home,
and returning home,
find their places in life.
The novel is narrated by a combined, single voice
of the three sisters, which gives it
an interesting perspective.
I liked this book because all the
characters grow and change
during the course of the book.

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Stitchfork said...

Added these to my book list of reads! Like your recommendations! Happy Monday Susan!
xo Cathy

Feral Female said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I`m always on the lookout for new books!

Laura Trevey said...

Hi Susan!

I definitely want to check out Weird Sisters... and congrats on your upcoming blog anniversary!

xoxo Laura

From the Kitchen said...

As a southerner, born and raised, I love Fannie Flagg. The Weird Sisters is on my list to read soon. Thanks for the recommendations.


Peg said...

I too have read all of Fannie Flagg's books and especially liked this one. The characters were funny and reminded me of the realtors in my town! I just finished Michael Lee West's new novel, "Gone with a Handsomer Man" and it was a great read... supposed to be the first of a trilogy, I think, and she definitely left things hanging with a surprise ending!

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