Friday, February 15, 2013

In Search of the Elusive ... & Perfect White Shirt

In my closet right now,
are seven white shirts.
(This doesn't include the ones presently
residing in the basement because
they're out of season.)
There are cotton,
cotton blend, silk, and linen
white shirts.
There are short sleeves,
long sleeve,
and 3/4 length sleeves.
(There are no sleeveless,
because sadly to say,
I don't really do sleeveless anymore.)

We won't even get into the
white tees, white sweaters and
white jackets I also have.

Yet I find I'm always checking out
the white shirts when I shop.
What is going on with me?

I'm looking for that
Perfect White Shirt,
which none of those seven
in my closet quite achieve.
I want that white shirt I can
wear with a pair of jeans
and feel "put together."
I want a white shirt that looks good
and feels good.
I want a "crisp" look but
not a starched feel.

It would be even nicer
if that same white shirt
could be dressed up on occasion too.

It's probably impossible to have
only one white shirt to fill all
my wardrobe desires.
But I keep looking for it,
 shopping for it,
and hoping for it.

Just this week I ordered this shirt from
Maybe this will be my
Perfect White Shirt.
Do you have one?

Note:  Since writing this post,
the above shirt arrived.
It's now repackaged and
ready to be sent back...


Balisha said...

I'm searching too. I've bought so many of these and they never are quite what I wanted. Some I've had to give to good will.
The same with denim clothes. They are always too stiff...I want a soft, broken in feel.
I was beginning to think I could be too fussy.
And the search goes on.

NanaDiana said...

Oh-I know what you mean. I feel that same way about certain items...I am always looking for the perfect bathing suit cover up!;>) I like Soft Surroundings quality usually but they do have styles that are hard to wear, I think- xo Diana

It's Just Dottie said...

I love white shirts also. I have not found the perfect one yet!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

no perfect white shirt in my closet either; when you find one, let's us know, please.

Nancy said...

I have found mine (unfortunately) I can't go sleeveless either, (think the wind would pick me up), The Shirt Company in England....that is all they do, check it out it is dot com. The tee shirt (lots of styles) are awesome, believe it or not, online at Victoria's Secret (I am no means a size 2...check it out and good luck....took me many years, now I buy bulk!!!!

Marrianna said...

I'm going to look up The Shirt company in England. In the meantime, I only look at the thrift stores for the "perfect" white shirt because I haven't found one yet. I saw ads in the last REAL SIMPLE magazine for white shirts, 4 different ones. The professional women modeling the white shirts were all slim - seems to be the key. And the shirts were around $300 give or take a dollar. I can go without before that happens. Good luck and please let us all know when you find the "perfect" white shirt.

vicki said...

Oh Susan-- I love this post! This could be me-- I'm always searching too! My favorite so far is a white blouse from chicos-- I hate that your Soft Surroundings blouse didn't work :(

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