Saturday, March 1, 2014

Accessory Bags!

It's been a week of sewing.
I've been making Accessory Bags.
As a result, my Etsy shop is well stocked with a variety!

The first step in this process is doing an over lock stitch
along the sides of the zipper edgings.
This helps prevent raveling of the fabric
edges and thus snagged zippers!

Next is the insertion of the zipper.

For a project like this,
I like to do several at once.

Combining the vinyl and the fabric
is almost the end.

I first made Accessory Bags
to stow all my small knitting tools.

And, they're great for that.
But since I seem to find bunches of 
different ways to use them.

They are great for storing jewelry and…

…cosmetics too!
I also love them for travel.
Bet you can think of lots of ways
use them too!

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