Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

...and wait...and wait.

I have been looking for glass panels
since I moved into this house,
what nine years ago???
Finally, HERE they are!

I wanted them to hang in the two windows on either 
side of the fireplace.
I replaced the windows soon after moving in and
purposely had solid glass installed,
knowing I wanted hanging panels,
but could never find exactly 
what I wanted.
Then last fall, while hanging out on Pinterest,
 I found a look I loved,
in which the artist incorporated
vintage plates.
The pin took me to an Etsy site,
and within a few days,
my order was placed for 
two custom panels.

Within a few weeks a specially made, wooden crate arrived.

Barbara is an expert glass designer and craftsman,
but almost as important,
she KNOWS how to ship glass
and have it arrive intact.

Once the top was off the crate,
there were polystyrene sheets and bubble wrap.

Finally, a first view of my new panels!

Sadly I can never get a nice clear picture of this room,

but I'm sure you can see what an excellent addition
my new panels are to it!
SO happy I waited until I found exactly
what I wanted!
(Thank you Barbara!)

On another note,
but the same theme,
about good things coming to
those who wait,
last summer I fell in love with this fabric.
I had an upholstery fabric that 
coordinated with it
 with the chevron as a lining for a knitting tote.

Alas, I don't pay $50.00 a yard
for ANY fabric, no matter how perfect,
no matter how much I'm in love with it!

Can you believe the very same store
had it marked down to $10.00 a yard
for their MLK Day Holiday Sale last week?
I bought all they had and have 
happily been sewing on it since!
Although the upholstery fabric
I originally planned to pair it with
is now gone,
I never have a lack of 
things to sew!

New this week in my shop
are a great new selection of
hanging needle and crochet hook organizers!

Good things REALLY do come
to those who wait!


Carol said...

Those panels are beautiful and make a lovely addition to your pretty room!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Your Panels are amazing :)

I had waited years before I was able to afford a stain glass hanging too, well worth the wait but now I have to move it, fingers crossed the moving company are as good at shipping as Barbara did for you :)

LOVE your beautiful sewing and great price :) Cheers, T. :)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Great minds do think alike! We've got similar windows on either side of our fireplace and we installed clear glass windows and I made stained glass panels for them. That was a decade ago, and now I'm wishing I had used clear textured glass with no color instead of the brown and gold borders I used. I love your panels! Art those vintage plates and saucers incorporated into the design? Very pretty and I imagine they catch the light beautifully. Your hanging needle organizers are quite clever, too!

Ellen Thompson said...

The panels are absolutely spectacular! Your patience was rewarded.

Linda Smith said...

New to your page, and know I am going to enjoy looking around :) I love the window panels, they are so beautiful and really add charm to your room. Liked you on FB also and will be following to see what exciting things you have to share. Have a great day!

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