Sunday, February 26, 2017

What a Difference a Week Can Make!

I closed a week ago (Monday) on my new home.
My contractor had his crew in the next day
and started the renovations.
I had to go out of town for a long weekend,
so on my way back home today,
I made a detour to see what has happened since.

All the "stomp" ceilings have been covered with sheet rock.

This is the downstairs bedroom, 
which will become my workroom.
This room's ceiling had already been done.
I will be removing the wall paper and painting,
and the carpet will be removed.
So this is one of the easier rooms.

Remember the kitchen from last week?
Totally gutted today.
I hope to get the cabinets ordered tomorrow.
The contractor says they will take about three weeks 
to arrive.

I show you this picture because it represents
a little structural change.
This was a door, off the kitchen,
for the pantry.
It will be closed off.

Around the corner,
in the hallway,
a new doorway has been framed
into the same pantry space.
It will become home to a 
stack able washer and dryer.

A fiberglass wall around the 
downstairs bath has been removed.
This will be tiled.

The upstairs bathroom has been gutted,
except for the tub and toilet,
which I am keeping.
This room will have a pretty
extensive update.
There will be a wall between
the toilet and tub,
in order to install a shower.
The plumbing for the tub 
was in the center of the room
because the other end
butts up against a solid masonry wall,
so there was no way to reposition
the plumbing.

Upstairs bedroom, which will become mine.
Note the smoothed out ceilings!

The guest bedroom with it's new ceiling too!
You cannot imagine how happy I am
to have those old ceilings gone!


Tanna said...

GOOD progress!!! :) blessings ~ tanna

Nancy Sams said...

Moving right along, I know this makes you very happy.

Linda said...

I am late to the party but will catch up! Good job! Reminds me of The Fixer Upper show!

Shirley Elliott said...

It is going to be awesome! So much progress already.

WAM said...

I missed this post. I love seeing this progress. Awesome house sis.

Arthur Bryant said...

Renovations can seem tough but are well worth the effort. One tip that shouldn’t be forgotten is the outside renovations are just as important as the inside. Lots of time for the inside protection of the elements is a given. A challenge is with the weather when preparing to renovate the outside. Outside is the first thing people will see before they go inside.

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