Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's "Flowering Quince!"

I had asked last time if anyone
knew the name of this
pretty flowering bush
found at the back 
of my property
and heard from several that it is a
Flowering Quince.

One of the people who informed me
was Anna, one of the four siblings
from whom I bought the house.
What a treat to have been able to
meet them all during the closing!
Anna is the only one of the four
who still lives in the same town.
She is following my progress on the house.
Hi Anna!
Hope you'll stop by to see it.

Sheet rock now covers most of the kitchen walls.
Cabinets are ordered.
The open doorway you see
is to the basement.

Remember the downstairs bedroom,
my future workroom?

I started stripping wallpaper from the walls
last Saturday.

I spent a few hours on Monday
finishing the job.
The plaster walls need some repair,
but will be fine.

This is the same room with a view
through the adjoining hallway
into the kitchen.
Please note, the toilet 
is only "visiting" from the hallway bathroom.

The bead board in both bathrooms is starting to go up.
So, although the house is far from finished,
I feel good about the progress thus far.

A friend is running for city alderman
and I was asked to have one of
his signs in my "new" yard.
I already feel like part of the 

1 comment:

Tanna said...

LOVE watching your progress, Susan!! And, I can't wait to see more. It is so good to feel a part of a community. :) blessings ~ tanna

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