Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Moved and Settling In!

My move was two weeks ago yesterday.
All went smoothly and the
"settling-in" is progressing.
The above calla lily "bush" is 
a sight to behold in my backyard.
It is one of several calla lilies
I am enjoying!

The actual move took all day on Tuesday
with the movers returning 
on Wednesday
for another four hours
to finish the job.
I had four movers and they 
made the whole process a good one.

The move in progress.

I returned to the "old" house
one last time,
a few days after the move, give it a final cleaning,

...and get it ready for its new owners.

The closing was a week later.

And now this wonderful house
belongs to a young couple
who I am sure will enjoy it
as much as I did.

My violets and other plants made the final
trip from the old to the new with me.
We are all adapting quite well!

Moving into the "new" house!

And here's a little peek at what it is becoming.
I promise more pictures will follow
as I continue to settle in!


Pam deMarrais said...

Lovely pics! Welcome home!

Tanna said...

Yea, for the move going smoothly! So excited for you! And, ohmygoodness, what beautiful lilies! Look forward to seeing more as you get settled in! blessings ~ tanna

Shirley Elliott said...

What a lot you have accomplished this summer and it is still June. Everything looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of the "new" house as you make it your home. You are awesome!

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