Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Corporate Headquarters for Buttermilk Cottage

Or, in other words,
my NEW office/sewing room/work space.

Here's a reminder of what this room was like
when I started the renovations.
It's the downstairs bedroom,
to the left of the front door when 
you enter the house.

A look at the plaster
walls after the wallpaper
was stripped away.
The walls in this room were
in fairly good shape and
the crown molding was already there.

Looking in from the entrance at the front door.

 This is the view from my desk 
to the front outside.
There's a pretty little cottage style
garden just outside the window
which has been in bloom with 
different flowers since I've been here.

My old corner desk fit nicely into one corner of the room.
Can you see my sheep lamp on the side?

Isn't this a great lamp?
Particularly for me?

Before I moved I did a bit of
tweaking to my work table.
I chalk painted the bottom and legs.
I also put extenders at the bottom of each leg,
boosting the table up about six inches.
Since I do most of my fabric cutting here,
it's much easier on my back.

The extra height also provides a bit more 
storage for underneath the table.

The bins underneath roll out 
and their tops make a great storage space
for shipping bags.

The secret to this room
is using every available square inch of space.

So the space behind the door
has become a mini closet,
storing yarn.

Speaking of using every inch of space...
behind this closet door... a craft closet to die for!

The shelves were already there,
so I didn't have to do a thing
except fill them up.
This was meant to be!

This white wicker chest with shelves,
first came to live with me 
as a chest for my daughter Kate,
as a newborn.
Then it became a storage chest 
in a bathroom at my next house.

Now it has become storage
for trays of color coordinated yarns.

Remember this chalk painted wardrobe 
from a previous post

It has made the move and now lives
in my workroom.
It provides "storage"
for some of my favorite baskets...

Not to mention a bit of fabric!

Daisy's new bedroom is also
quartered here.
Do you spy it beside my desk?

She particularly likes having her space
in the same place I spend most of my time!

Although she doesn't look it,
she's quite happy at her new home.
As I am too!


Shirley Elliott said...

OK, this is definitely my favorite room of your new home. And I know I have only seen one other room (which was just wonderful) but this room is even more awesome than your kitchen. Oh, what a wonderful retreat! After this, I cannot even begin to imagine the remainder of your cottage. Thank you for sharing and I am really looking forward to the next reveal.

Diana Kosmoski said...

What a GREAT space! I love what you did in there. It is a perfect sewing/craft/workroom. Lucky girl. I just love that you have that place!!! xo Diana

Patti said...

Wow, what progress you've made. Everytings looks so nice. You are a very organized person!

Carol said...

What a wonderful work space! I admire your organization & love that lamp!!

Lisa Ricardo said...

What a beautiful and peaceful view!!! Congrats on the new home!!! Just gorgeous!!!

Laura Lane said...

I'm new here. I clicked over from someone's blog last night, I forget whose. I was intrigued and bookmarked it to visit again.

Your craft room is awesome. We live in a two bedroom house with three kids. They learned to share at a young age. I'd love to spend more time creating, but my things are shoved here and there in out of the way places. I just don't think to get them out when I have a few minutes.

I am currently in treatment for breast cancer. I have been knitting simple hats for myself and to donate to the chemo center. It's something small to keep my hands busy while primarily freeing my mind for other things. I love giving something each time I go in for treatment. They have a place for scarves, hats, books etc.

You did a fabulous job of designing your space and filling it well. Living in a small for us house has necessitated using the space completely. Unfortunately, right now, it's not organized as well as it could be. It was supposed to be temporary, so I didn't really think it out well. We've now been here over 7 years!

I look forward to spending time on your blog. I enjoy your writing style, and you have terrific photos. You're obviously a lady who knows how to redeem her time well. I have a feeling I can learn a few things from you!

I write about faith, family, thrifty homemaking, books, and encouragement. I invite you to come and visit!

Please drop by and say hello!
ஐღLaura ღஐ
Harvest Lane Cottage
...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
on a short shoestring budget!

Laura Lane said...

Just signed up to follow you on Google +.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Sandi said...

I like what you did with your table. It’s like an island with storage!

Little Penpen said...

I came over from Laura Lane's blog to see your new crafting room. Wow, it is gorgeous! I love the hardwood floors. I hope to do something like this one day. I currently have a bedroom designated as mine for a crafting room, but it doesn't look this clean and orderly. I love your view, too!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I came over from Laura's blog too. Wondering if you would share in the future what you used to make your table higher? I love how you've created such a wonderful work room for yourself.

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