Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Scarf is Finished!

My Scarf is finished!!!

Remember the small knitting project I started a couple of weeks ago? I took it with me to Greece and it was handy to work on during the two long flights and a several ferry rides.

I blocked it yesterday and here you see the finished result. I choose this skein of yarn because of the colors. I liked the idea of knitting with a yarn with lots of blue and turquoise because those of colors I think of when I think of Greece.

I'm happy with the finished result and have listed it in my ButtermilkCottage Etsy shop.

Something else I took to Greece with me is the MIMI Bag from my Etsy shop. This bag is new this year and up to this point had not been tried and tested. I used this shoulder tote as my "carry-on" all during the twelve day trip. I can now affirm it's a great travel bag.

I filled it with a hardback book, camera, cosmetics, travel documents, my knitting, three pairs of glasses, snacks, a smaller purse to pull out as needed, and other accumulated stuff. It fit beautifully under the seat in front of me on the plane and ferry. (Don't you just hate having to put bags in those overhead bins?)

It was also lightweight enough to carry on my shoulder when I needed to pull my larger piece of luggage from place to place. So keep this bag in mind if you need a travel bag this summer. I love mine!

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Dawn said...

Cute bag! Sounds like your trip to Greece was fun. Beautiful photos!

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