Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sew Busy!

This is my office chair with a "just finished" slip cover.
Just before I moved into Buttermilk Cottage six years ago,
I sent out my desk chair and had it reupholstered
in a pretty blue to match my new office/sewing room.
The newly done chair was delivered before
I actually moved into the house.
I then had the cable/Internet company come and
get all that stuff wired and set up.
Since my "new" chair was in place in the room
where the cable guy was working,
he planted himself on my new chair!
The one I hadn't even sit in yet!

When he left, I discovered a spot on my chair!

Can you see it?
I tried rubbing it with a clean cloth and water,
but probably made it worse.
So, I've lived with it all these years.
Over time the blue has faded
so it was time to give the chair something
new to wear.

I discovered McCall's pattern, M4404 and thought I'd
try my hand at slipcover making.
On a recent trip to Ikea I had picked up a
white cotton bedspread they call "Indira."
I  liked the texture of it and had
no plans for it, so thought I'd use it.
I wanted something  I didn't have to
worry about fading (white=perfect),
and could throw into the washer and dryer,
(100% cotton=perfect).
First step was to wash and dry the bedspread.

After cutting out the pattern,
I placed the pieces on the chair to check the fit.
My chair's back fans out and the
pattern's is straight.

So I did a little alteration to the pattern,
adding the extra width and shape with extra paper.
The chair got another fitting and it looked okay.

Next came placing the pattern piece on the fabric and cutting them.

Once I started sewing, there were many more
"fittings" as I went along.

And some basting was needed to
make sure everything fit.
It was quite a lesson in slip covering a chair
I'm fairly happy with the finished results,
although I already know I'll do it again,
and make more revisions to the pattern for
a better finished fit and look.
Wouldn't it be perfect in a white matelasse? 
I recently passed up a white matelasse bedspread
in a consignment shop ($35.00) which would
have been perfect!
Lesson learned, get things when you find them,
even if you're unsure where you'll use them!

This week I'm sharing at
Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style.


Janette - The2Seasons said...

I am always so impressed with people who can buy one thing - like your bedspread - and then recreate it into something totally different but wonderful. Good job!!!

Linda Chapman said...

I alsolutely LOVE this!! And just about teh time I was thinking to myself, "Could I possibly make this?" there was the pic of your pattern! Thank you SO much for the 'lesson' in making them! I am now planning on making SIX of them for my dining room chairs!!

Privet and Holly said...

Great job, Susan!

How maddening that
your blue chair was
sullied....ugh. I bet
most visitors would
never notice, but of
course, YOU did, and
that makes all the
difference, doesn't it?!

xx Suzanne

MrsMatched said...

That chair is gorgeous! You are so incredibly talented! I'm in awe. Just in awe. And a little bit inspired to knock the dust off the ol' sewing machine...

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful, Susan...you did a wonderful job. I love that you repurposed the bedspread!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I love how your mind works, Susan! Already on to the next project with a new and improved version. LOL! You did a great job. Love it! blessings ~ Tanna

Karolee said...

Super cute! Love the chair!

Nancy's Notes said...

I'm so impressed with your talent! That chair is just awesome and it all started with a bedspread?? Incredible. I'm happy I found your blog over at Wow Us Wednesday!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

You did a great job! And I think the bedspread is perfect for the chair.
I made a cover for a wing chair several years ago and used muslin as my pattern.

LauraO said...

I just discovered your blog. The chair slipcover looks awesome! I really like the look.

Lisa said...

Hi Susan ~ Greetings from South Carolina! I've been enjoying your blog and had to comment on this post. I purchased the exact same McCall's pattern @1 month ago along with beautiful (washable-cotton) blue toile fabric to make slipcovers for 2 chairs recently purchased from World Market. These inexpensive chairs are unique in that they are designed to be slipcovered and are simply covered in some sort of cream-white fabric that the slipcover will 'grip' to. The fabric and pattern have been squirreled away in my fabric stash and you've inspired me to get started on my own slipcovers for my sewing space chairs. Your work is beautiful.

Android said...

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