Sunday, May 20, 2012

From My Book Shelf -- Two Books for Your Inner Foodie

is not a new title.
It was published in 2005.
(I find I'm having a hard time lately
getting new titles in audio format.
I think my local library is putting all their
funds into titles for eBooks and Kindles.
Thus my selection of this older book.)
I first knew Ruth Reichl's name when she was
editor in chief for GOURMET Magazine.
This book is about her stint as the
restaurant critic for the NEW YORK TIMES,
1993 TO 1999,
just before she went to GOURMET.
Her intent was to open up
the range of food critiques,
and bring attention to some of the
excellent ethnic restaurants in NYC.
In order to get a true picture
of a particular restaurant,
she becomes a master of disguises,
and is able to visit many
high profile eateries, anonymously.
She learns some interesting lessons
in her alternate personas.
After relaying the details
of particular visits to restaurants,
she often includes the actual critique
that appeared in the paper.

Gabrielle Hamilton's, more current book,
is a much grittier, unglamorous,
look at the food world.
Hamilton is the chef and owner
of "Prune," in NYC.
Not only is she an accomplished chef,
but has an MFA in fiction writing
from the University of Michigan.
This book is about her cooking education,
not at a culinary school, but rather in life.
She gained her food expertise beginning
in her French mother's kitchen,
in numerous kitchens as part of the wait staff,
as a private caterer, and while traveling.
She's very honest about her experiences,
from numerous arrest at the beginning
of her years in NYC
to some of the disgusting jobs
the owner of a restaurant must perform.
Of the two books, this is the one
that moved me more
because of that honesty.
Bon appetit!


NanaDiana said...

Those both sound like really good books. I would probably like the 2nd one the best~ Have a great Sunday- xo Diana

AshTreeCottage said...

Thanks for the tips. I really enjoy reading books written by chefs.

Susan and Bentley

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Blood, Bones and Butter sounds like a very interesting read!! I'm putting that one on my list! Thanks, Susan! blessings ~ tanna

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