Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Glimpses of Germany

I have been looking at and organizing
pictures from my recent trip to Germany.
This was my first visit there
and my overwhelming impressions
were of its beauty.
The terrain is similar to 
East Tennessee, where I live.
But the architecture is 
without a doubt, totally European.


The city views and the numerous parks are all breathtaking.

We took time to enjoy many markets and meals.

And of course, you cannot visit Germany 
and not see castles!

Lots and lots of sightseeing,
but I must tell you my most 
vivid memories of this trip
were the family times, laughing,
sitting in numerous outdoor cafes 
for a coffee, cappuccino or espresso,
laughing, visiting and laughing!

Again, a heartfelt thank you to
Rick, Terry and Max!


NanaDiana said...

My goodness, Susan- What a wonderful trip and gorgeous pictures. It looks like you had a great time~! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

What beauty! I've never been to Germany but it looks like a wonderful place to visit. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us! I just realized you are from East Tennessee while reading this post... although I am now a northern girl I am still a southern girl in my heart born in Rossville GA! Small world for us southern girls :D
Hugs and thank you again for the help with that vest!
Beth P

Debby said...

Oh that trip looks like it was wonderful. Great pictures. I love all the castles.

Shirley said...

Susan, I needed a journey tonight away from everything and you trip to Germany gave me that very thing. The scenery was awesome. It is somewhere I have only read about. The castles would have been fun to explore. I think your mittens are pretty in the previous post. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

David said...

Wonderful pictures of Germany!

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