Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How About a Day Trip to France?

Strasbourg, France to be specific?
We think of visiting France and it's a major undertaking.
If you live in Stuttgart, Germany
it is only a couple of hours drive to reach Strasbourg.
Which is exactly what we did!

As soon as you cross the border from Germany into France
you are aware that you are in another country.
Of course all the signs are suddenly in French, not German.
But the architecture changes too.

Strasbourg is a lovely city
filled with charming shops,
so French!

Many of the shops had beautiful decorations
above their entry ways.

A pretty tablescape inside an equally pretty shop.

Lace curtains were everywhere.

A whimsical building decoration.

This is Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame,
known as one of the most beautiful
Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

So, you can have a day trip to France!


Art and Sand said...

The cathedral . . . the whimsical little man on the building . . . the curb appeal of the shops . . . the dishes on the table in that shop . . . ALL are wonderful.

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Gorgeous cathedral! Heading to Europe in October, can't wait!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

I've never been to Europe so seeing it through the eyes of those who have been is a treat. The outside of the cathedral is beautiful enough so I'm sure that the inside is quite breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Never having been to Europe much less France I thank you for the trip! It looks lovely and hopefully one day before I'm too old to enjoy it, lol!
I love those lace curtains... hmmm and that cathedral!
Thanks for taking me along :D
Beth P

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