Thursday, July 24, 2014

On My Needles Today...

I have started a new,

This type of project always starts with me pulling
yarns from my stash.  
My inspiration is from several skeins of a
sea foam green, wool and mohair blend.
That will be my "main color."
Then I pull any color that works with it, 
especially paying attention to getting
as much textural variation as I can.
Differences in yarn weights
are not a factor.

Aren't the colors gorgeous knitted together?
My plans are for this to become a 3/4 length jacket.
Of course at this stage, the project is always
subject for a change of heart.
This piece is one half of the back...
so it's early yet!
This will be an ongoing project for a few weeks.
I'll keep you posted!

Happy knitting!

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