Thursday, August 7, 2014

(Continuing...) On My Needles Today...

Still working on my FUSION jacket,
which has finally "told" me
it's going to be a coat rather than a jacket!!!

The back and one front are now complete.
I made a start on a sleeve,
but decided I wasn't happy using
the stockinette stitch for it.

...a bit of ripping out this week...
(Personal motto...
"If you're going to knit,
you're going to rip...")

...and back to the drawing board for a bit of redesign.
So much of this process is trying something
and deciding if I like it.
I wish I could clearly envision how
designs are going to actually look once knitted.
But I'm a "try it and see" person.

I decided the sleeves needed a bit more texture
than the stockinette stitch I originally tried.
I am using instead the "Mistake Rib" stitch 
I am using on the sides and front openings.
The sleeve here looks a bit out of proportion
but will widen out once it is blocked.
Once this sleeve is finished (very soon now)
everything else left to do, 
except finishing,
will just be a repeat of what has already 
been knitted (i.e. other side and sleeve).

So, although I still have a fair amount of knitting to do,
the finished coat is now within sight!
Happy knitting this week!

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