Thursday, August 28, 2014

On My Needles Today...Not...or The Coat is Finished!

It's been a bit of a journey,
but my knitted coat is finished!
I love the color way and am calling it
It has subtle shades of
aqua, sea foam and lavender.

The sleeves, which should be
a simple component,
gave me some challenges.
I started with the stockinette stitch 
you see above,
but decided I did not really like the look.
I then changed to the 
"Mistake Rib"
pattern I used on the opening
and sides.
After knitting almost half a sleeve
I decided I didn't really like the
way it was looking either. 
So, I changed to a larger needle and
worked them in stockinette stitch (again).

I found the perfect buttons at a lovely yarn shop in
Blowing Rock, NC
during a recent road trip with my
knitting buddies, called

There are slits at the bottom of both sides.

I never finish a project like this without thinking,
"If I ever knit another one of these I will..."
There are some slight changes 
I would probably make,
but over all, I'm very pleased with
the final results.

So...what IS on my needles today?

I am in the process of binding off a FUSION scarf in
shades of teal.
I plan to make a slouchy hat to match.

Happy knitting!


Tommie Jo said...

That is beautiful! I love the colors. I have tried knitting a bit but it seems to bother my shoulder and never get enough practice to get as you!~TJ

Ewenique said...

Wow, the coat is amazing! I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it when the cool weather comes.

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