Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yard Sale Wrap Up

I am happy to say
another Tree Street Yard Sale
has come and gone
quite successfully!

Nancy and I spent most of last 
Thursday setting out our wares
on the front porch.

As in the past,
our plan was to sell
all we could on Friday.

Then late in the afternoon we would
transition whatever was left
to the drive way and set up our
Bistro on the Porch
for Saturday.

We had an incredibly busy day Friday.

The weather was pleasant.
However, the predictions for Saturday
were not good.
100% chance of thunderstorms ALL day!

So this year for the first time
we had to combine the Bistro
with some remaining yard sale on the porch.
We lacked a bit of our
usual ambiance,

...but the food was plentiful,

and our customers didn't seem to mind.

We carried on through the dreadful weather
and had our most successful weekend yet!

1 comment:

Laura Lane said...

How cool is all of that!??
I would love to come to a sale like that.
I am amazed at your creativity!

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