Friday, August 19, 2016


I have just returned from ten glorious days in France!
And, I am in love!
I have decided that if I were not American,
and I could choose any other nationality to be,
I would be French.

Kate, me and my sister Nancy on the plane, waiting for take off.

This trip has been in the making
for three years.
When Kate started law school
I told her I would take her anywhere
she wanted to go, once she graduated.

View from the Eiffel Tower.

She choose France!

I am SO glad she did!

Our guide advised us at the beginning of the trip that
the greeting, "bonjour" goes a long way with the French people.

Notre Dame Cathedral

So we used it often and found
everywhere we went,
the people were overwhelmingly
gracious, warm and friendly to us. 

The Louvre

One of my "take aways" from my French experience
is to make an effort to use a greeting 
when approaching people here at home.
Not just a "do you have this is a different color?"
But instead, "Good morning, do you have...?"

The Louvre Pyramids

So much more civil!

The cities, towns and countryside
were spectacular to see.

Sacre Coeur

I am awed by the sheer elegance of France.

And the fun of it!

We were joined by our brother Rick and his wife Terry,
who live in Germany.

We made lots of use of the endless sidewalk cafes!

I've shared just a tiny little bit of our trip.
We also visited Avignon  
and Nice, Monaco and the Cote D'Azur.
I'll tell you about them later in the week.
Be sure and come back!
Until then, 
"au revoir!"


Angela said...

Oh how fun! We hope to go to Italy next summer- our first overseas adventure!

WAM said...

Terry and I had such a wonderful time with you, Nancy and Kate.

Linda said...

How simply WONDERFUL!!! I love your advise about using a greeting often! I am so going to do that! LOVED the pictures and look forward to more posts! That's the only way I will ever get to see France!! Glad you stayed safe while there...of course, life can be dangerous anywhere!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

So glad you're going to use a break the ice greeting prior to a request...every so much kinder, nicer and refined. Where I live, if it's not done people think you're in a bad
Fabulous photos of France; would love to go to Paris as I've only been to Corsica and Nice.

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