Monday, August 29, 2016

Au Revoir France

We finished our tour of France with three days in Nice.

Nice is a seaside resort.
This is a shot of a private beach,
identified because of the matching chairs and beach umbrellas.

This is a public beach, just next to the private one.

Kate and me enjoying a night time stroll along the beach.

Nancy in front of Villa de Rothschild.

Views from the Rothschild Villa.

Note the pink facade of the villa.
It was Madame Rothschild's favorite color.

The flower market in Nice.

Scenic drive from Nice to Monaco.

This is the cathedral where Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly
were married and are now buried.

The palace at Monaco.

The changing of the guard at Monaco's Palace.

The casino at Monaco.

Marina at Monaco with no shortage of yachts!

Monaco is very dense...

...and our tour guide told us they were always building more there.

So we bid the fondest of farewells to France.
It is a beautiful country,
with wonderful people,
and for us, so many memories now.

When can we go again?

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