Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ready...Set...(almost) Go!

This is what my well loved,
and well used, front porch 
looked like on Monday.

Calm and relaxed, right.

Since then I have cleaned out the garden shed,
as well as the basement.
I'm getting ready for the great neighborhood
yard sale!

My first customer?
This little guy greeted me 
first thing Tuesday morning.
He's wondering,
"Where in the h... is the wicker furniture
with the soft cushions???"

This is what the porch looked like
Wednesday morning.
All the heavy lifting is done.
All that's left is a bit of tweaking,
a little bit of tagging, and
hanging some signs.
The sale "officially" is Saturday,
but serious shoppers are already
cruising the neighborhood.
In fact, I've already had three sales!

Just a little hint for anyone planning to
attend a yard sale this weekend.
I know lots of people go to the bank
to get their "mad money" for the weekend.
Instead of getting a $100.00 bill (just an example),
get some smaller bills.
Yard sale sellers, 
also go to the bank to get change, 
but few can break a $100 first thing 
in the morning the first day of the sale.
I've had it asked of me numerous times.

Happy yard sale shopping this weekend!
I'm off to the bank now...
to get change.


Anonymous said...

You're lucky the cat didn't stage a protest by their favorite chair.

Linda said...

You did a great job!! Looks awesome and I so wish I could walk up the sidewalk and browse around!!
You would think people would KNOW not to try and break a $100 bill at a garage sale!!

NanaDiana said...

So true! I used to have garage sales all the time and, of course, the first ones through the door had $100 bills! Seriously?
Good luck with your sale. Your porch is just lovely. xo Diana

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