Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First Day of Fall Tomorrow! and Yard Sale Update

As far as I'm concerned summer is officially over.
I ate my last "real" peach last week.
It tasted as good as it looked.
I know it's my last for the season 
because they are no longer available 
at my grocery store.
Yes, I can still get California peaches
but I chose South Carolina peaches.
And they are gone.

It's been a little over a week since the neighborhood yard sale.

Once again, it was a lot of work,
but a tremendous success.

I am a merchandiser at heart...

...and am always organized.

Hopefully, it makes shopping a little more fun.

I KNOW it makes me enjoy looking at all this stuff
a bit more!

I wasn't able to do the "Bistro on the Porch" this year
since I didn't have my sister Nancy here to help.
But, I did have homemade zucchini bread, with samples,
which sold well.

Finally, late Saturday afternoon,
this is what was left from the sale.
It has all been picked up by a local charity.

As a treat to myself for all my hard work,
I treated myself to TWO ice cream sandwiches
from the ice cream truck,
 which made the rounds
all during the sale.

Summer IS really over.
Happy Fall everyone!

1 comment:

janice15 said...

I will take the two pumpkins christmas napkins and christmas hand towels plz... It all looks so nice.. Yep summers gone,, but here in San Francisco we are having our indian summer its been 90 in my area it was ugly all summer... Go figure... Hope it all went well.. Happy Fall and happy weekend.... With love Janice

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