Sunday, April 16, 2017

Checker Board Floors

I have always loved the look of 
black and white
checkerboard floors.
Finally, I am going to have them!
The floor went down in my
new kitchen (to be)
last week.

I am using the same floor
in both bathrooms as well.
Here's a peak at the 
downstairs bathroom...

...and the upstairs bath.

The two bathrooms are nearing the finish line.
There's a little grouting of the tile left, 
placement of the sinks and toilets,
and installation of the light fixtures.

Sadly the two mirrors I had intended to use
are both too large for my tiny bathrooms.
Oh well, they're out there.
I just have to find them and bring them home!


Pam deMarrais said...

Hey Susan, I was always charmed by checkerboard floors. Have you ever seen the Susan Branch cookbooks? She loved them too! Can't wait to see your place!

Susan McClaskey said...

Looking forward to showing it off to you on the not too distant future! Not familiar with Susan Branch.

Tanna said...

Looking GOOD!!! So excited for you, Susan!! You will find the "ones" of the mirrors. blessings ~ tanna

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