Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saying Farewell to Buttermilk Cottage

I have certainly known this day was coming.
I have been working toward it for
quite a while.
But still...

...the day this sign
appeared in the yard
was a bittersweet one.
I have a fantastic real estate team,
Linda and Ginger,
(who also found my 
little Cape Cod for me)
pulling out all the stops.
Their photographer took some
tremendous photos 
for the house's listing.
So, as a last homage
to this wonderful house,
I'm sharing them with you.

And, guess what...
We have a pending sale
after one day on the market!
So, this house won't 
spend a single day
not being loved.


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your gorgeous home. That's a lot of housework to keep that size house clean. I doubt that you will miss the work. I sure like your Little Cape Cod that you are working on. Sure looks like it is going to be your little dream house for this period in your life. Best wishes in selling promptly. And, I look forward to following your new remodeling and decorating project. Take care and don't overdue the work hours. Mary

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Susan, It is always difficult leaving a home which has been loved as much as yours has. You have a beautiful home with so much thought put into the detail.
As Mary mentioned, you will have more time to yourself when you move, because there will not be as much housework to do, which in turn will free you up to do the things you love.
The memories from this home will always be with you, but it is also an exciting time for you with the changes you are going to make to your Cape Cod home.
I am so pleased that the sale of your house has gone through so quickly. I feel sure your house will be loved as much, by the new owners, as it was by you.
Best Wishes to you.

Tanna said...

Saying goodbye to one is saying hello to another. Such a wonderful home and another coming up! Congratulations, Susan. May the Buttermilk Cottage be as well loved by its next folks. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Pam deMarrais said...

Congratulations on the pending sale of your charming home! I can't wait to see how things are coming in your new house!

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