Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Porch is Finished!

I have actually been enjoying it
since mid July.

All the work was completed then,
except for the arrival
of a new door from the living room
onto the porch.

That got installed last Monday.

 So nice to see this summer's project
come to completion.

 This stone kitty, 
who actually belongs to my sister Nancy,
has found a corner for herself
for the time being.

I brought my porch furniture
up from the basement, 
where it has been waiting patiently. 
It used to grace the front porch 

I made new cushion covers
from an outdoor fabric
with a fun and colorful bird motif.

I love this sheep, but until the porch,
could not find a place for it inside the house.
So, it's very nice to now be
able to find a home for it.

What would a porch be without
a swing?

As I said earlier, I've been enjoying
the porch since mid July.
My favorite time is early in
the morning, watching my street
come to life as I have my first cup of coffee.

I think it almost looks as though it has always been there!
Now, time to start planning
for next year's
home improvement project...


Nancy Sams said...

It looks so good, hopefully you will have a couple more months to enjoy it this year.

Mary said...

What a beautiful addition to your lovely home. I love it. I am sure you will have wonderful times out there. It sure looks like it is part of the original house. Everything you have done with your new home is lovely. Blessings.

Lisa Ricardo said...

Absolutely perfect !!! If I lived near you ... I would fast become your new best friend!!! lolol... I have always loved screened in porches !!!!!!! Congrats!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

That is a beautiful porch; I'm a porch person. I love sitting on a porch, watching the animals, the pond, the trees sway. I want a stoop over the tack room door entrance; it'll offer protection for both door and me.

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