Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Curb Appeal

My neighborhood is designated as a "historical district" within the city where I live. It is also within walking distance of a midsized university. That means I live in an eclectic neighborhood. Which usually is fine by me.

We have some real mansions here.

There are some houses that can take you breath away by their sheer majesty.

There are also smaller, sweeter houses,

and those that just say "home."

Some houses that "get it right" every time.

And then, there are some...

which could actually be quite charming, but...

The only thing I have to say is that if God had meant for upholstered furniture to be on the front porch, he would have named it the "living room."
Just saying...


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Jeff Foxworthy jokes that "You might be a redneck if your living room furniture is now your porch furniture". The other homes are beautiful!
Hugs, Sherry

Dawn said...

You know, that's got to be just a southern thing. I've lived in New York, Massachusetts and spent four years in Michigan for college and no one puts upholstered furniture on their porches north of the Mason-Dixon line. It is a common sight, however, here in Florida! I love your neighborhood, though. Makes me want to move to Tennessee!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

the first one makes me melt, i could see myself drinking some lemonade on that porch.

Kristen White said...

what a beautiful neighborhood you live in...well except for those few with the "outdoor livin rooms". LOL!!!

Nanniepannie said...


Privet and Holly said...

This is gorgeous...
I wonder where you
are? {Have to jump
over to your profile
for a hint....} Reminds
me a lot of Natchez, MS,
which I visited last
April and couldn't take
enough photos of! And
yes, you did see some of
the last photo, too!!
xx Suzanne

pretty pink tulips said...

That second home is so ME! I have learned the value of curb appeal....and it just makes me happy to drive up to my home and feel like it says "welcome"!

Dana Marie said...

Hahaha....the last photo even has a vacuum on the porch. I guess they really do think it is the living room!

queeniebee20 said...

I love older homes and the bigger the front porch the better.
There has always got to be at least one home in the neighborhood that is a diamond in the rough.

From the Kitchen said...

I live in a neighborhood just like yours. Stately older homes of varying sizes that are lovingly cared for. However, there is one that is so out of character with all manner of "stuff" strewn about on the big front porch, paint peeling, and garbage cans left out until time to fill them again. The one anomaly of this house is that the lawn is immaculately manicured at all times. This, of course, just makes the neglect even more noticeable. = (


Donna said...

What a beautiful historic neighborhood (well...except for a few). I love older houses, always have, and love to fix them up too!


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

This is the greatest post! I love all the wonderful examples of grand and simple... they are all HOME! ANd the last example is priceless.
I agree, the front porch should be a sofa free zone!
I would love to live on your street... not just next door to the last home.
I am a new follower. YOu have such a charming blog! Full of style and inspiration.

Brenda Kula said...

Those are some lovely homes! Well, most of them. And the ones that aren't just have occupants with no taste.

Liz, Viive and Benji said...

Hi I just saw you over at My Notting Hill. What a lovely blog, how lovely to live in a historic neighborhood.
Dovecote Decor

My Notting Hill said...

hmm, you have me wondering where you live. At first it looked like Geneva ,NY (near Hobart) but I don't think it is . Now I'm really curious!

Laura Trevey said...

Love this post!!! ~ just saying :)


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