Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Good Read for Halloween

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Just this morning I finished this book and it occurred to me how timely it was to be reading it now.
I first read about Justin Cronin's THE PASSAGE at the beginning of the summer.
It was on some one's reading list as "the must-read" for the summer.
I usually choose the "slice of life" novels, but this one sounded like it was right up my daughter's alley.
She's a fantasy, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, kind of girl.
So, I recommended it to her and she read it right away.
Her response was, "Mom, you've got to read it so we can discuss it."
Well, I couldn't let that pass me by.
I will admit, I listened to it as an audio book, rather than read it.
It's scary, dark, gory, and deals with vampires (not the romanticized ones we've come to know and love in the past few years).
In other words, the perfect read at Halloween time.
THE PASSAGE takes place in the not too distant future.
Multiple wars, coupled with government experiments which have gone horribly amuck, fast forwards life as we know it into an apocalyptic world where civilizations crumble and the survival of the human race is questionable.
I can't imagine this isn't going to be a blockbuster movie not too far in the future.
"Read this book and the ordinary world will disappear." Stephen King
Here's an interesting video I found to whet you appetite...

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Tommie Jo said...

I will have to look into this. I love to read but mostly stick with non fiction. My DD my be interested OR we could maybe read it together! I like the idea of discussing books & movies that get you thinking with my girl!

Privet and Holly said...

I will add this
to my book club
suggestion list!
We are meeting in
two weeks to discuss
summer reads {we area
a bit behind}and to
pitch ideas for books
to read this school
year. I looked at
the video but I'm
in a coffee shop right
now, so the sound was
muted. It looks scary.
Not usually my genre,
but if my little friend
from Buttermilk Cottage
gives it the thumbs up,
and SK, too, then I'm
thinking it's GOOD!
xx Suzanne

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