Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mending Stitches

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A few years ago, during the same time I was preparing Buttermilk Cottage for my eventual move in, I spent my "down time" knitting a lovely blue afghan.
I knew I was going to have a blue bedroom and planned to use it there.
When Kate, my daughter moved away for college she asked if she could have it.
Since she so rarely asks me for anything I make (???) I was thrilled for her to take it.
She used it in her dorm room during her first year and the following three years in her small apartment.
Then it moved to NYC with her.

While visiting her a couple of weeks ago, this is what I discovered!
On the one hand, it's nice to know Kate is giving it lots of use, but...
So, the afghan came back home with me for some mending.
It was one of those jobs on my "to do" list that kept getting moved down below other, more enjoyable tasks.
Today turned out to be a good day for mending.
We had a gorgeous fall day, so I clipped on my Walkman and tuned into a great book I'm listening to (more about that when I hear the ending), and took everything out to the front porch.
After repairing the one hole, I discovered three more.

Although not perfect, the afghan is still pretty and usable.
Kate, who is getting ready to move into a new place in the big city has even asked me about it, so I know she really wants it back.
It makes me feel good to know she considers it special enough to decorate her new place and that it will be giving her some warmth this winter.
If only all mending jobs could be as pleasant as this one turned out to be.

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BECKY said...

I know this just completely warmed your heart all up! It's a little piece of her Mom that she can wrap herself up in! I know because I felt the same way about an afghan my Mom knitted for me many years ago. And you know what? My Mom resides in heaven now, and I still have that afghan packed away! I am going to get it out and enjoy it and all the memories that go along with it.
Thank you so much for posting this. It has really blessed my heart! Have a joyful Sunday! Oh...I love the colors of this one!!

Anonymous said...

The little things in life mean so much....Kathy

Dawn said...

Very pretty - I can understand why she asked for it and why she wants it back! You mean she never asks you to make her a bag?

Brenda Kula said...

When my girls were starting out, I made them quilts. I know they're not like me and display them on the wall. But they use them in cold weather. It's nice to know our loved ones use what we so lovingly make for them.

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