Friday, November 5, 2010

Sewing for the Holiday Show

I've been busy sewing and getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Show.

All my bags are now completed and I've just listed a new one in my Etsy Shop.

This medium blue check Katherine Bag is made with a heavy outer upholstery fabric and lined with a French inspired yellow and blue paisley.
Remember this fabric?

I bought it last summer, unsure where I would use it.

The bag has a handy inside pocket.

Closure is with a loop and button.

The outside fabric is a patchwork of blues with some browns added to the mix.

Close up of the lining fabric.

I've also made some matching needle cases.

This case has 15 pockets for 14 and 10 inch straight needles.

Here's a 12 pocket case for double point needles.

Today I'm pricing and tagging.
The Holiday Show gets nearer and nearer!


Cashon&Co said...

you are extremely talented!! i don't knit, but if i did, i'd buy one of those needle cases. they are too cute.

Stitchfork said...

This bag will surely be a hit for your show! Hmmm. no knitting needles here, but I bet there are many ways to use the needle case!

Dawn said...

What a perfect combination - I really like the yellow lining. It's like a paisley surprise!

Privet and Holly said...

That purse is darling.
I love the sunny yellow
lining! I have made
purses before, so know
that a lot of love goes
in every stitch.....
Beautiful : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Mama Chang said...

I love your bags..and I am following at your blogs you inspire me.thanks,Mama Chang
God Bless!

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