Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Countdown has Begun!

Lately, I have lagged a bit with new posts. Although I love blogging, reading and posting, I seem to have been letting it slip lately. After giving it some thought, I realize why. Here at Buttermilk Cottage I'm in the midst of getting ready for my annual "Fiber Holiday Show."

A wreath from Nanniepannie
This year, the three day event will be held the weekend before Thanksgiving. We've moved the date up two weeks, hoping to make the holiday season a little more festive and less stressful for the show's participants. So, I'm knitting like a demon to complete some projects and taking care of lots of behind the scene details. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a sample of last year's show with you.
This is the sight that greeted visitors as they entered the front door. "Vendors" consists of seven of my "fiber artists/craftswomen" buddies and me. My house becomes a boutique for the weekend.

I move a small desk into the entrance, which serves as our counter. Every inch of space becomes display area for our work.

Mediums represented include basketry, felting, knitting, quilting, sewing and woodworking.
The majority of our merchandise is handmade, but we do have some fun jewelry, gift food items, and other goodies to tempt our customers!

We all knit, so we have a fantastic scarf selection. You can see a corner of the tree which displays our handmade ornaments.

Olivia and Sidney are the grand neices of my neighbor Anna. Their Christmas concert happened to be the same Saturday as our sale last year, so they came and delighted our customers with an impromptu violin concert.

This is the view from the entrance into the living room. I wish I had individual pictures to spotlight everyone's work, but alas, these pictures were taken "before" blogging...

The dining room table and window seat were both naturals for displaying work.

Although Nanniepannie doesn't consider herself a fiber artist, she wanted to be involved too. So, she put together some outstanding holiday wreaths.

The bedroom dresser with its array. Note the quilted wall haning and the small hand woven basket.

A corner of the bedroom was a great place for showing off some wearables.

Another quilted wall hanging.

Even the bathroom had its display of knitted bath mitts and soaps!

One final display to tempt visitors as they left!
So, you can see why I'm a bit preoccupied just now. I am four weeks away from this year's event, and my goal is that it be bigger and better than last year's. I'll keep you "posted."


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is great how your home becomes a little shop. What talented ladies making all those items. That is a lot of work and time put in to all that. Good luck with your items and the sale.

Lisa said...

What a clever idea. I hope this years show will be a great success.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I so wish I lived closer! What a fun way to shop.
xo, Sherry

Dawn said...

I would be absolutely beside myself with excitement if I lived close enough to come to your annual sale! So creative and just beautiful!

Linda said...

I agree with the others--I wish I lived close enough to come to your event. All the handmade items look fabulous--and your house is beautiful. This is such a creative idea!

Fifi Flowers said...

The holidays are HERE!!!

Sandy said...

I've visited here several times, not sure I've left a comment. I enjoyed this post and will look forward to coming back to see how your event went. I love these photos and your wonderful house.

Rebecca said...

I DO see how busy you must be. When I lived in SW Michigan, there was an annual Christmas boutique in a local home. I never missed it. But how I MISS it now that I've been reminded by your beautiful post! I SO enjoy seeing the interiors of older homes - so can't quite looking at the beautiful features of yours...(not to mention all the gift items arranged so attractively)!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea to have a craft show in your vintage home! I love it! Congrats on a successful show! Do show pics of the crowds.
Mel's Cabin in Nashville.

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