Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweater Weather!

Do you have a favorite sweater you reach for time after time, not because it's stylish, but because it's comfortable?

Right now, this is that sweater for me. I knitted this sweater many years ago for my (at that time) husband. After we parted ways, our daughter claimed it for herself and took it off to college with her. When making her move to NYC last summer the sweater was left behind. Not chic enough??? At any rate, it made it's way back to me and I'm happy to have it. It's a classic, even though it's hopelessly too big. I keep planning to reknit the sleeves but they roll up easily enough. Great sweater for wearing over pj's!

I also have sweaters that I never wear anymore, but just cannot part with yet. This "Artsy" sweater is one. I saw this sweater in a shop in Denmark many years ago. Avid knitter that I am, I was also visiting yarn shops during that trip to Denmark and, lo and behold, found a kit to knit it! The directions were all in Danish, but because of its graphic nature, a chart was included. The shop keeper was nice enough to write out the English words for each of the colors represented on the graph. It is probably one of the most challenging sweater I've ever knit--seven stitches to the inch! I might yet wear it again sometime...maybe...

This is a "store bought" Liz Claiborne that I've probably had for twenty five years. It was stylish before Ralph Lauren did the whole Polo thing. I wore and loved it to death. When 9/11 happened my daughter was in middle school and she pulled it out of retirement and wore it to express her love of country. The sweater hasn't been worn in ages, but I just can't let it go. I'm thinking it would be great repurposed as a pillow...

This is a little sweater knitted for Kate when she was a toddler. She looked SO cute in it. Maybe we'll have a little one in the family someday and I can pull it out and say, "Your Mom wore this when she was little like you."

At one time, this was an absolute favorite! I knitted it in white cotton. Note the tiny waist!
Even if it ever comes back in style, I won't be wearing it!

I loved this sweater because of all the textural interest.

This is a hand knit sweater, but not by me. I found this sweater in a gift shop while staying at a resort in North Carolina during a spring trip, again, many years ago. Believe it or not, I got this sweater for $5.00. They had several and I guess they were closing them out. I wish I had bought them all now. It's a very heavy wool, man's sweater. I was able to unravel the sleeves and reknit them. It hits me mid-thigh and it's been my "dog-walking coat" for several winters now. I love this sweater.

I cannot talk about sweaters in my life without paying homage to the Bohus Sweater. This is me, circa 1986, wearing my own cardigan design, inspired by the two pullovers behind me. All three sweaters were knitted by me. The customers at the shop where I was teaching knitting were all knitting this sweater in classes. I kid you not, there were probably over two hundred of these sweaters knitted by my students during that time. We ALL had one or more.

I even did a Christmas-inspired Bohus sweater!

I still have it, but don't wear it anymore.

Now this Christmas sweater I DO still wear. I know, I know...Christmas sweaters are now considered gauche. I designed this sweater using a cross stitch pattern (my love of sheep...)
twenty five or so years ago. At that time I had a custom knitting business and trust me, I sold many of these sweaters. I still pull it out and wear it when I'm decorating for the holidays.

It's oversized, so comfortable and it puts me right in the mood for the season!

One last picture of me at my fashionable (???)best from the distant past. Believe it or not, this was a design from VOGUE KNITTING and at the time, tres chic!


Dawn said...

I enjoyed your walk down sweater memory lane. I love holiday sweaters and cat sweaters and patterned sweaters and I wear them whenever I can - what people think of me (and my clothes) is none of my business. I have a flag sweater just like that!

Nanniepannie said...

That cat sweater was one of my absolute favorites, wish I had it back!

queeniebee20 said...

I love the sweaters and was going to suggest a pillow of some sort on the artsy one. Maybe you could take come of your favorite sweaters and make them into a nice warm and cozy afghan. You are so talented.
How appropriate that I would see your post today. It snowed last night here in SLC. I was saddened by that plus as I stood in front of my closet getting ready for work I realized I do not have any winter clothes at all!

pretty pink tulips said...

You are so talented! I can't knit to save my life, though I've tried. Maybe I'll try again!! I have the most beautiful sweaters my mother knitted for me and my brother circa 1970 and I can't part with them but not sure how to not let them languish. I should get them back out and figure some way to honor her efforts.

Velva said...

The sweaters are really nice. You own some very cool sweaters. I wish I could say that I had a favorite sweater. I live in Florida and the best I can do is my favorite shirt. :-)

BECKY said...

What a cute post! I only wear cotton sweaters, and I have a couple I can't part with...but I should. They are getting a little children make fun of me!! I'm worse with denim or chambray shirts!! I CAN'T let them go!! 2 of my girls threaten to dispose of them for me and the other two are fighting over who will get them when I'm finally done with them!! HA!!

You look adorable in your oh so fashionable sweaters!! I love the bohus ones!!! I would wear one if it was cotton!!

Thanks for sharing!!
Blessings and hugs,

Privet and Holly said...

Loved sharing your
walk down sweater lane!!
I am a sucker for cables!
if it has cables, I fall
for it: ) I loved those
preppy days and had my
share of fair isle sweaters,
too! Fun post!
xx Suzanne

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I love how a well worn sweater feels like coming home when you slip into it.

Thanks for this posting,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You are one very gifted knitter. I cannot sit long enough to do something like that. You should make that Liz flag sweater into a pillow. It would be so cute. Any sweater can be turned into cute pillows. Look how cute you are in those pics!

Sharon Lovejoy said...


I meant to mention that the ART NEWS sweater sent me into a whirl. I LOVE IT. Also, a little cottage I have in Damariscotta, Maine is on the street once called Buttermilk Alley, but it is now Pleasant St. Darn it. Loved Buttermilk Alley, don't you?

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

My Notting Hill said...

I still can't get over you knit the Art News sweater. Amazing!!

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