Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have a Seat

I'm noticing a definite trend in my house. I'm attracted to chairs! This is a framed print I've had for a while. There's something about it I love--the graceful lines of the chair, the background of old printed script, its simple black frame . It's one of those little accent pieces I move around from place to place whenever I'm rearranging.

This is the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought when we were first married. We found it at a craft show and bought it from a couple who restored chairs and were well known in our area for their chair caning craftsmanship.

I love this chair, even though I don't have "the perfect" place for it in my house. It gets moved around from spot to spot depending upon the season. Despite my constant efforts to downsize, I cannot part with it. I've even recaned it a couple of times myself.

This wicker chair actually belongs to my sister, Nanniepannie, but it sits on the front porch of Buttermilk Cottage, so I enjoy "having" it too. It was our grandmother's and Nancy actually has a picture of our grandmother holding her as a child and sitting in this chair. Priceless...
A few years ago this chair was in pitiful condition. The back and seat were broken and the chair had been banished to the garden shed. However, I have a good friend, Katherine, who is a gifted basket weaver and she generously repaired it for us.

Before moving into this house I did some serious downsizing. My former husband and I actually split all the furniture from the house we shared and I had enough to completely fill my space here. Except for in the kitchen, where the only "new" furniture I bought were two chairs to sit at my kitchen table.

I found these two chairs at an area antique shop and knew they had a home with me! Until I started blogging, this was where I spent every morning with my coffee and crossword puzzle. Now that time seems to be spent at my computer...

Another example of my chair fetish is this framed print. I first saw it several years ago, prior to "this lifetime," but it's a fairly large piece and I had no place for it. So, I "visited" it regularly in the store. I loved the colors and the organic feel of it.
Fast forward through a divorce and the purchase of another home. I went back to the store and bought it for "my new house" thinking it would be perfect in my dining room when I moved. Another fast forward through an addition of an office and bathroom and a total redo of the kitchen, plus painting and other cosmetic changes. Financial panic set in and I decided there was no way I should be buying art when I had all these other expenses. So, sadly the picture went back to the store.

Then, I moved into Buttermilk Cottage, the dust settled and I still had that picture in my head. So, back to the store (this was probably a year after I previously returned it) to get it. But, it wasn't hanging in the art/wall hanging section of the store. I walked around, dejectedly, telling myself what an idiot I was, when there it was, hanging in the floral department!!! It didn't end up in the dining room as I had planned, but found it's home in the living room where I take pleasure in seeing it everyday.

Here's one final little chair print which I found at Michael's. It hangs in my dining room. It attracted me because I love the color blue, the wood floor and snippet of rug remind me of my real dining room, the play of sunlight and shadow and quite simply, I'm attracted to chairs.

Let's sit awhile.


Sarah B. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those kitchen chairs -- the design looks so graceful :)

Nanniepannie said...

Wonderful post, you almost made me cry.

Brenda Kula said...

My downfall is tables. All manner of tables. I have bought tables, taken other tables to make room for them to the consignment shop. Kicked myself for selling a table. Bought one very similar. And then I start all over again. Love the quilt over the table!

Janet said...

Susan, how wonderful your place is ! A dream come true !
I am a Caning teacher, and love that you have rescued all those chairs !
You GO, girl !

Velva said...

Until I read your post, I never thought of the simple grace a chair represents. I have a new appreciation. Thanks.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great prints and love your chairs especially the black ones. Very nice.

Linda said...

I love all your chairs. And I realize that I seem to collect chairs and tables--not tables and chairs as in sets, but random chairs--big, little, decorative, etc., and tables of all kinds--my favorites are the porcelain/enamel top tables--I use one for a kitchen island and one for my laundry folding table--and I've longed for a few others along the way. I love reading your blog--love your cottage and love that you and your sister have such a great relationship.

pretty pink tulips said...

Isn't it funny - one day we look around and realize we have a lot of (fill in the blank) or are drawn to a certain thing. Lately, I'm craving mirrored pieces.

Rambling Tart said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my photo at Tomatoes on the Vine. :-) I LOVE all your wonderful old chairs. My Mums is always picking up old wood ones too. :-)

Dawn said...

I love chairs, too! Last year I bought eight oak "juror" chairs in red and blue for $10 each. And right now I have my eye on a vintage rolling office chair...

Privet and Holly said...

Funny, on Friday
I bought not one,
but two chairs from
a local flea market!
So, I guess I have
the chair affliction,
too : ) Yours are
so pretty....!
xx Suzanne

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