Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eating What You Crave vs Craving What You Eat

I'm a firm believer that eating habits are just that..."habits."
If you eat something often enough, you'll begin to crave it.
Without a doubt, I know I'm addicted to sugar
and need to eat less of it.
Don't even let me get started on chocolate,
or ice cream.
With that in mind, I've been looking
for some healthy alternatives.

Last winter I discovered frozen blueberries.
Yes, I know, there's nothing new about frozen blueberries.
I had just never bought them.

I also discovered I could add 1teaspoon of vanilla extract to
a quart of plain yogurt
and get a pretty good vanilla yogurt.

(You must stir it completely to get the vanilla mixed throughout.)

Because the yogurt I buy is also sugar free,
I add sweetener each time I have a bowl.
I use Equal, but (a little) sugar or honey would work great too.

Top the yogurt with the still frozen blueberries.
Now go take care of some morning business,
walk the dog, start the coffee, make your bed,
unload the dishwasher, you get the idea.

Soon, those blueberries will be thawing
and releasing their juices.
Yum, this is so good,
and so healthy.
I've been having it for breakfast most mornings
for quite a while and now find
it's exactly what I prefer for breakfast. 
Why not train ourselves to crave some
healthy foods?
Have you found some healthy foods you actually crave?

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

I buy fresh blueberries from Sam's Club and then freeze them. When I make muffins, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. I throw a handful into the food and it's wonderful. I also make blueberry jam and the frozen blueberries keep well until my schedule permits an afternoon making jam.
Garbanzo beans are a great snack - drained canned beans, throw into a baking pan, drizzle with cracked sea salt, ground pepper and EVOO then roast until tooth tender. I keep these in the fridge and pull out when I want a salty snack.
When I use dried beans, they're soaked for 10 or 12 hours then proceed as above.

Shirley said...

Good Morning Susan, Your breakfast sounds yummy. I really love your new curtains from the previous post. They really look great awesome job. I am playing catch up with my friends. We are suppose to warm up today. Hubby likes blueberry pie for his birthday and my son likes blueberry cheese cake. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

NanaDiana said...

I agree Susan. I do the same thing. I also like it with banana cut up in it and a few pecans tossed in for a bit of cruch. It's also good with drained canned water packed pears. I don't do sugar or white floiur anymoe except once in a great while I have soemthng with flour in it- xo Diana

sandy said...

I also love blueberries which I add to granola and yogurt! My favorite breakfast. I think I'm addicted to sweets so I'm working on that also. One DOES have to choose new healthier foods and create new habits! Thanks for sharing this!

Teri said...

In a blender whip up frozen blueberries, fresh squeezed orange juice and a handful of spring greens. A yummy purple icy smoothie.

Marrianna said...

I don't even use artificial sweetener when I add fruit to plain yogurt. It's yummy with the berries and yogurt. I have bought frozen cherries which also are good with yogurt. Good tip for the day. Thank you.

Tommie Jo said...

I love frozen fruit smoothies! All fruit & a bit of liquid (tea, kombucha, fruit juice etc.) to help it get blending along and mmm mmm. Frozen wonderfulness that steers me off the path of ice cream & what not. Great ideas!~TJ

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