Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another Spring Project -- Done!

I am showing you a picture, snapped this morning,
of some pretty flowers
that border my front walkway.
This lovely sight is just to get your attention.
Sorry, but I have a very mundane post today.

What is it about Spring
that makes all those
little house projects,

that you have managed to ignore 
for quite a while,
suddenly seem you cannot
stand for another day?

My lovely little house is an old one,
almost 100 years old.
Last week, after living with the vents
for the past eight or so years,
I suddenly looked at them and thought,
These vents are probably original 
to the house and it's not a wonder
they look awful. 

Time for a little cosmetic update.

We had a perfect day last weekend
for spray painting outside.

Before and after!

Why do I let these little project go for so long?
Especially  when the whole job 
took about an hour,
and what a difference!

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

They look like brand new, Susan...and your flowers are gorgeous! xo Diana

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