Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Here we are,
the beginning of another summer season!

Spring is such a busy time and for me
it's because there are so many projects
I want to complete before summer,
so I can pretty much sit back and enjoy it.

Are you a list maker?
I am.
There is something so satisfying about marking things off.
However, it seems that for every project I complete,
I think of two more to add to my list.

But I am very happy to say,
most of my "get done before summer" projects are now done!

The flower boxes on the front porch
have gone from barren to, if not yet lush,
at least planted.
They got their first dose of
Miracle-Gro this morning,
so they'll be coming along fine.

I have even planted a container with lavender,
after being so inspired with how it was used 
in Germany last summer.

The porch has been totally cleaned and is ready for use.

The front steps, which each year after a
winter of salting and scraping...

…always show their wear and need to be repainted.


All the outside windows and screens have been washed,
although I still have few inside that need to be done.
The dining room has been painted,
the french door mirrors have been painted,
the heating and air conditioning grates have been painted…
Work, work, work.
Never ending if you are a homeowner.
But for the most part,
I say, "Summer…bring it on!"
I am ready to enjoy!

I have even loaded up the crock pot this morning 
with a barbecue recipe that looks good.
(I'll share later if it's as good as it looks.)
Nanniepannie and I will be eating it all weekend,
our substitution for a picnic this weekend.

Don't forget to fly your flag this weekend
out of respect and gratitude for our military.

Wait a minute,
we fly ours everyday.
A profound appreciation to everyone
who has served and enabled me 
to enjoy the life I live.
(Especially my dear brother Rick who
is serving now in Germany. 
Love you Rick!)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend
and happy summer 
to each of you!


Changes in the wind said...

Your porch and home looks beautiful:) and we fly our flag everyday too:)

WAM said...

I love you sis.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I don't get out of bed without a list being made. It's just too easy to slide with no direction without lists.

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