Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lots of New Small Projects Bags!

Isn't it interesting how one project
can generate a whole new batch of projects?

I recently cleaned out my fabric stash,
in an effort to create a little more space.
(Perhaps that means I can go
out and buy more now!!!)

In the process I found several pieces of fabric,
many I did not even remember I had,
that were just the right size for making 

Thus, I spent a good part of last week
sewing an assortment of small project bags.

And I spent ALL DAY yesterday,
photographing them, editing the photos,
and writing listings for them.

This morning, they are all posted on my 
Etsy site.

I feel as though I've been immersed in small bags
for the past several days!
Many of these bags are one of a kind,
since I was using "found" fabric!

So, if you happen to need a new small tote,
 (can you ever have too many totes?)
Buttermilk Cottage at Etsy
is well stocked!
Doesn't your gorgeous knitting
need to be in just as pretty a bag?

Have a great weekend!

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