Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kitchen and Baths...the End is Near!

The end REALLY is in sight.
Except for some trim paint,
the kitchen and baths are complete.
The refrigerator in this picture is not 
sitting flush against the wall,
waiting for a bit of paint above it,
so it will not stick out this much 
once it's in place.

Remember when I posted about
a few weeks ago?
I was mistaken.
Happiness is having a cleared living room...

 and having all your kitchen appliances
in place...IN the kitchen!

Missing one drawer pull in this picture.
This drawer had to be reordered, 
so it's a little late getting its handle.

My first ever gas stove!

Both bathrooms are pretty complete also.

This is the upstairs bath.
Both bathrooms have the same color way,
sinks, bead board, and flooring.
Their personalities will 
define themselves once I start decorating,
and they "tell" me 
how they want to look!

This is the downstairs bath.
Note the mirror.
It was my grandmother's 
and I used it in my present house.
It got a new coat of paint
and reoriented to hang 
differently for this space.
I'm very happy to be able to 
continue using it.

Move date:  June 6...continuing to count down!


Nancy Sams said...

In three or so weeks, happiness will be a room that's filled with all your favorite stuff.

Pam deMarrais said...

I love your style; can't wait to see the finishing touches!

Shirley Elliott said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing your special decorating touches.

Tanna said...

Love. love. love. the way it's coming together! Beautiful, Susan!! blessings ~ tanna

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