Friday, May 12, 2017

Renovations Continue...

Major steps forward this week!

The washer and dryer were installed,
in the newly created laundry space
(previously the pantry).
Ignore the wooden door pull.
I'm looking for a cuter one.

Getting the kitchen granite installed
had become a benchmark for progress
in my mind.
This was a great surprise
to arrive and have the installers
working on it.

I have the makings of a really sweet kitchen here!

And, the subway tile back splash 
is getting placed.

Is the end in sight???
I believe it might be!


Linda said...

Looks wonderful!!!

Pam deMarrais said...

Moving right along! I love the kitchen!

Tanna said...

EXCITING!! Everything is looking wonderful! blessings ~ tanna

mike stathos said...

Absolutely love your kitchen and would love to know what kind of soapstone you used. I have been searching for the right one forever and the one you chose is really nice.
Home remodeling austin

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