Saturday, May 6, 2017

Progress Report

The stairs have now been scraped
of the cement like
waffle padding,
which appeared glued to the steps.

Remember how they looked last time?

The missing cabinet arrived
and now all the kitchen cabinets are in place.
The granite people came last week
and created a template for the counter top.

All the pulls have been installed.

And, as of yesterday
the dishwasher is in place!

The mounting brackets for the microwave
have also been installed.

Part of my weekend project is to clean up 
some of the metal door knob plates
which had been painted.
After soaking all night in
mineral spirits, although not perfect,
quite an improvement and they will
certainly make a charming statement
to the doors!

Fiber person that I am,
guess what I discovered makes
an excellent tool for scraping paint
out of all those little etchings.
A large tapestry needle is perfect!
Because of the blunt tip
it didn't scratch the metal.

Here's my morning's work,
with their glass knobs in place.
Reminds me of
"...little flowers in a row."

I scheduled movers this week,
so I now have an official move in date of June 6.
That's one month from today!
Fingers crossed everything gets
finished before then!


Pam deMarrais said...

Susan, I love the door knobs and plates! You have so much patience to restore them to their former glory. Your kitchen is adorable! I can't wait to see the finished product. I bet that you are getting so excited! The stairs look soooo good; you did some miracle work there! It's going to be beautiful!

Tanna said...

Oh, it is going to be soooooo beautiful!! Love that you are keeping the original hardware! FYI you can also put in a crockpot with dishwashing detergent and put on low overnight for easy removal of all those layers of paint... without the mineral spirit smells. ;) LOVE your new home, Susan!! blessings ~ tanna

WAM said...

Still kicking some major butt on that house.

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