Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Time than Good Sense???

Sometimes I wonder...if I'm in my right mind?

Nanniepannie and I just returned from a road trip.

Yesterday morning we drove to Charlotte, NC
to our nearest IKEA store.
I was on a mission.

For the past two years I've had
these little mice from IKEA at our
Holiday Show.
Nothing really special about that,
except I knit tiny little sweaters for them.

I have no idea what people do with them.
But they're so darn cute,
everyone wants one, or two, or three...
And in previous years I've never had enough.
This year...I'll have 100 of them.
Where are my knitting needles???
Our plan was to spend one day in Charlotte at IKEA
and spend the next in Greenville, SC
before driving home.
We finished mid afternoon and headed to Greenville.
We had not made a hotel reservation
since we didn't know in which city we'd stay the night.
We arrived in Greenville, had a nice dinner,
then started checking the downtown hotels.
Nothing seemed to fit the bill
(all a bit pricey for a quick overnight).
Then, we got lucky!!!

We found Pettigru Place,
a bed and breakfast
in the historic district of Greenville.
What a treat!

It's owned and operated by Lori,
who is not only an excellent innkeeper,
but an outstanding gardener.
The grounds were gorgeous.

This was "our" room.

The entire house is beautifully decorated
and attention to detail was impeccable.
For example, there were homemade cookies
on the landing, just outside our room,
as well as a vintage refrigerator, stocked
with soft drinks and bottled water,
and a coffee maker all ready to be turned on
by the first guest up this morning.
There were comfy robes in the room,
chocolates by the bedside
and soaps and shampoos in the
bathroom, if needed.
This morning we were treated to
a gourmet breakfast,
individual souffles with fresh fruit
and real bacon.
(I've been using the precooked kind
for so long, I had forgotten how
good the "real" thing tastes!)
ALL this and less expensive
than any of the downtown hotels
we considered!

After leaving Pettigru Place
we explored downtown Greenville,
which is loaded with places to eat
and shops.
There's also a wonderful park,
Falls Park, with walking paths,
a beautiful waterfall and
blooming flowers galore.
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WhoWhatLogos said...

Cute little tiny sweaters.

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What a pretty B&B you found--it's so nice to get away with a friend, much less to do some shopping and stay in an inviting place. Those sweatered mice are so darned cute!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Wow - are you ever creative. Little sweaters for little mice - who woulda thunk of that? Way to go!

Amanda said...

Love the little mice in their cozy sweaters! I have been eyeing those mice at Ikea myself, actually! I have a big doll house for sale at my antique mall space and I think the mice would be adorable props...think Beatrix Potter! Looks like you found a lovely B&B too! What a fun outting!
visiting from Savvy Southern Style!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Nanniepannie said...

You captured our trip perfectly.

Stitchfork said...

LOL as last Christmas all my guys found one of those Ikea mice in their Christmas stockings. We referred to them as their college lab rats. Sounds like you had a fun get away!
xo Cathy

Linda Chapman said...

This sounds like the most perfect 'field trip' EVER!!! I so wish I could follow along behind you!!!

House Revivals said...

Oh my! The little sweaters on the mice is just so. stinking. cute.

Shirley said...

Your little mice are so cute and people collect a lot of things like your little mice to use in Christmas stovkings or other holidays. Your bed and breakfast looked like a wonderful place to stay. I have always wanted to try one, but a lot of them are not wheel chair friendlly. Thanks for sharing your trip. Enjoying others may be the only thing I get to do this year. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Robin said...

I'm grinning from ear to ear...those itty bitty mice in their itty bitty sweaters!!!! LOVE THEM!

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