Thursday, April 7, 2011

Way To Go Kate!

Nine months, (two weeks and three days) ago

I put my newly graduated daughter Kate

on a plane to NYC.

You can read about it here.

Since she was a young girl, Kate has dreamed of

living in NYC.

It was the extreme opposite of her life and

growing up in a small town in Tennessee.

So, after graduating, Magna Cum Laude, no doubt,

from the University of Tennessee

with a degree in Communications,

Kate set off to create her life.

Kate has had a love of books and reading

all her life.

Now where did that come from???

(Could it be that her Dad and I started reading

to her when we sat and gave her formula?)

Kate's big dream has been to work in publishing.

So, after nine month, two weeks and three days,

numberous interships,

three moves (she's finally out of Jersey and sharing an

apartment with three others in Manhatten),

ups and downs, doubts, dramas and worries...

you're looking at NYC's newest editorial assistant!!!

Excuse my totally daughter-absorbed post today,

but it's been a bumpy ride for me too.

I'm taking a few moments to preen!

So proud of you Kate!


From the Kitchen said...

Congratulations to Kate for persevering--and on the new job! I know something of how you feel having had our older son go from Indiana University in small Bloomington to grad school and then a job in NYC. He fit right in and it seems that Kate is too. And, its a great place to visit.


Kristin said...

what a proud mama! congratulations to kate! :D

Tina said...

What a great accomplishment! Congrats to Kate! I know you're proud!

Stitchfork said...

Woot! Go Kate! And proud mom!!
xo Cathy

Nanniepannie said...

You should be proud, she is a great girl. Can't wait for a visit to NYC.

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