Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sharing My Little Lambs

I'm a fiber person. 
For years I've been designing, making and selling
small knitted sheep, in honor of all the wool I use.
You can see them at my Etsy Shop here.

My daughter Kate is a clay person.
She's quite talented modeling small figures.
I've shared the "Santa's on Animals"
she's done for me here.

A couple of years ago she surprised me on
my birthday with a complete collection
of all my knitted sheep done in clay.

My designs began with a series of sheep based on
Mother Goose rhymes.

Bo Peep's Sheep was the first.

Baa Baa, the Black Sheep came next.

Followed by Mary's Little Lamb.

And finally, The Sheep's in the Meadow.

Kate's little renditions are full of charm.

Kate's "Sheeps in the Meadow."

Next I added "Sam, the American Lamb"

and "Wishing EWE a Merry Christmas."

Here are Kate's clay versions.

I followed up with
"The Original Knitting Basket"

Kate's clay version,
same idea expressed in two different mediums!

My little collection sets on my bedside table.

Message to Kate:
Get your clays out, because I have a new design!
I'll share it with all of you later this week!


From the Kitchen said...

All of the sheep, your's and Kate's, are wonderful. Nice work ladies.


pve design said...

There is something inspiring about a flock of sheep!
How creative you both are!!

Stitchfork said...

Hereditary talent for both of ewe!
xo Cathy

bj said...

These are all so darling. Every single one of them...just precious.

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