Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing "Pinky" and a Fundraiser

Priscilla, the woman who is the sales rep for my
wholesale bag business, was in town a few weeks ago.
She is on the road with her work a good part of the year.
So, when she's in my area, she often comes and
stays the night at Buttermilk Cottage.
I usually make a home cooked meal and we
spend a nice evening visiting.
Priscilla has been my mentor
since the very beginning of my wholesale business.
As she usually does,
she  asked me if I had any new sheep designs.
My usual reply is/was that I have some ideas in my head,
but nothing to show her.
This time, she off handily said,
"you should design one for breast cancer awareness."
I have to tell you that Priscilla dealt with
breast cancer five years ago.

This incident happened about the same time
one of my "knitting buddies," Karen
had announced to our group she had
been diagnosed with breast cancer.
This was a hard blow to our group.
We've all known each other for
twenty years or longer, and have gotten
together weekly to knit with one another for
nearly ten years.
Luckily Karen was diagnosed very early
and her prognosis is excellent.

If you're a woman, you are impacted
by breast cancer.
Granted, we don't all personally get it.
But, we all have mothers, sisters, daughters,
and dear friends.
And somewhere, someone in our life is dealing with it.

So, with Priscilla's casual suggestion, suddenly came
my realization that here are two
very special women in my life,
who are both dealing with
breast cancer.
That was all the motivation I needed.

This is "Pinky" Pretty Pink Ewe.
She's my newest little lamb
and she's my personal contribution to
breast cancer awareness.

Buttermilk Cottage is partnering with
The National Breast Cancer Foundation
and pledging 15% of all its sales
of "Pinky" ornaments, kits and patterns will
be donated to the foundation.

"Pinky" is available as a finished
(hand knitted by me)
 ornament at my Etsy Shop here.

Or, if you're a knitter and would like the kit,
it's  available here.

 I also have the PDF patterns for "Pinky"
available at my etsy site
or from Ravelry

Not a knitter, and no need for a little
sheep ornament?
Not a problem.
I have set up a personal fundraising page here
where you can make a direct contribution to
this cause.

You can find out more about this foundation here

My ray of sunshine to share with all of you -
Priscilla has been cancer free for five years
Karen's last radiation treatment is tomorrow!

I'm in awe of both of these dear friends
and wonderful women.

Happy weekend everyone!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

That is cute and that is so nice that you are giving back.

Privet and Holly said...

One of my best
friends has been
fight BC and my
aunt went through
the same battle last
year. I'm not surprised
that you would join
the fight; you are
truly wonderful. I
don't knit but will
contribute to the
xx Suzanne

Stitchfork said...

Brilliant Susan!
xo Cathy

Cheryl said...

Good luck with your fundraising drive - I have added Pinky to my sidebar. I will be following you from now on :)

Ewenique said...

What a wonderful way to support breast cancer research! I will share this on my facebook page:

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