Monday, February 14, 2011

A Question of Relationship Etiquette???

While having lunch recently with a male friend,
I was puzzled when he told me
his impression of women today, is that
he is erring if he sends them a note,
email in this case,
within a few hours of a date,
expressing that he had enjoyed the evening,
and that he hoped they would do it again soon.

Granted, I'm old school.
This actually sounded quite nice to me.
His argument against it was it might
cause "her" to think
he didn't have anything else
going on in his life,
and he would appear too needy.

Are good manners trumped by

male/female game playing?

Am I so out of touch with

today's relationship etiquette,
that he might be right?

The fact that Ms. Post's book

regularly gets updated
makes me believe otherwise.

I'm really interested to know if today's

dating women find it off putting
to get a little (e)mail after a date,
expressing his appreciation.
What do you think?


Knitter that I am I couldn't resist
showing you this yarn.
While doing a search for images for this post,
this yarn popped up titled, "Emily Post" colorway.
Who says Emily Post is passe?

(All images from Google)


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I've long been out of the dating business... and, even if I were, I'm sure my age would put me with thinking the note was very nice. I love the Emily Post quote about being sensitive to people's feelings. I have a sign in my kitchen that says, "because nice matters." I believe that. Kindness is never out of style.

LOVE the Emily Post yarn! Have a wonderful day!

Stitchfork said...

Not sure of today's dating protocal either. But good manners should never go out of style!
xo Cathy

From the Kitchen said...

I think that good manners are timeless. It isn't just the young that are not using manners. I was at the symphony last week where a man (won't say gentleman) in front of us kept his hat on during the performance!!


3generations said...

Yes to the note! Plus, he is sending the message he doesn't play games! Long live Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt! I am 37 and NOBODY in my generation has any manners or knowledge of etiquette whatsoever. I was born after my time! Thanks for the post!
- Andrea

mytwocentsworth said...

I noted this morning a car kinda close on my bumper as I turned off a main street to pick up my morning Starbucks delight. The car turned also and as it happens, parked right beside me. I beat her to the front door and held it open for her as she was, again, close on my heels. Did she say thank you? No, of course not. I swear, one of these days I will have enough nerve to turn to those of her ilk and say (with a smile) "you're welcome!" Good manners say wonders about your up-bringing.

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