Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buon Appetito!

Recently Kim at Savvy Southern Style,
had an offer on her blog that I couldn't refuse.
She offered a link to Roba Dolce for free gelato and sorbetto.
All I needed to do was contact them,
display their button on my sidebar for a month,
and write a review, IF I choose.

I was game!
A few days later the box arrived.

I had expected a couple of single serving containers.

Imagine the surprise when I got 5 one-quart(+) containers
in addition to 3 single servings!
Flavors included were Coconut Gelato,
Dark Chocolate Chunk Gelato
Lemon Sorbetto
Mango Sorbetto and
Pistachio Gelato

This kind of goodness needed to be shared.
So last Wednesday when it was my turn to host
my weekly knitting group,
we had a very (un)scientific taste testing!

Such hard work!

But, we labored though all the flavors.

I had everyone rate the flavors 1-5,
with #1 as their most favorite,
#5 as their least.
Then I totaled each flavor's ranking and averaged it.
Here's how the flavors came out for us:
#1 Dark Chocolate Chunk Gelato = Score 2
(This was my personal favorite. It's very rich,
with lots of large chucks of chocolate.)
#2 Coconut Gelato = Score 2.6
#3 Mango Sorbetto = Score 3.2
(My least favorite, but everyone else liked it.)
#4 Lemon Sorbetto = Score 3.8
#5 Pistachio Gelato = Score 4

All the flavors are very intense, as they should be.
The gelatos are creamy and smooth.
The sorbettos were refreshing and we all agreed
would be great in the summer.

Please check out Roba Dolce's web site by clicking
their button on my sidebar.
You'll find lots of info about the company,
how they make their gelato and sorbetto,
what stores in your area might carry it,
and you can even print out a coupon.
Tomorrow I'm going on a retreat
with my knitting buddies.
Every winter we rent a cabin in the mountains
for a few days.
We take our knitting, food, wine
and long-time friendships.
We kick back and have more fun
than you can imagine!
I'll miss you,
but we're old school, which means
no laptops!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Susan, have enough fun for all of us, too! Sounds like the perfect knitting retreat. I would have enjoyed this gelato tasting gathering, too! ENJOY!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You got the same samples I did. They are good. You sure did get scientific there with the taste testing! Have fun with your knitting group.

Wanda Metcalf said...

Well I'm sure game. How do I contact them about putting on my blog? who what where?

You all look like you are having so much fun trying to eat it all up!


Wanda Metcalf said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for comments and answering my questions about the Gelato. I did click on the link and sent an email to them, so we will see what happens.

We did make it through the night. 3 miles away got hit schools are starting on 2 hour delay due to down power lines and trees. It was a bumpy night. I was up for it all. I guess that is why my note to you may have not made much no mind lol. Yes I still need to go to bed, I am on my way!

Thanks for following me. That means a lot to me as I am just a gal who talks a lot and loves to visit with others.

Thanks again, have a great week ahead I look forward to getting to know you through our blogs

Wanda Metcalf
The Metcafe'

Stitchfork said...

Have a blast on your retreat Susan! What a way to kick it off too, taste testing treats before you head off.
xo Cathy

Brenda Kula said...

Your trip sounds like such fun! I love that stuff. I got some from Karen. And I was shocked that I liked the others as well as or better than the chocolate, as I'm such a chocolate-lover!

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